What to Expect and Not Expect from a Fertility Expert: Tips on Increasing Pregnancy Success Rates

At a time when an average consultation fee with a reputable fertility specialist runs anywhere from $200 to $1000—not including testing—a sneak preview of what to expect from such a meeting can go a long way in saving the patient years of heartache, time and a sizable financial investment.

In WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A FERTILITY EXPERTTips on Increasing Pregnancy Success Rates from Three Prominent Fertility Specialists, Julia Indichova interviews—Sami David, Jamie Grifo, and Jonathan Scher—about their practices, their assumptions, and their results.

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She asks them the questions that potential clients, including those just beginning their journey toward parenting and those who have tried assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, or egg donation without success, would ask.

Aside from their track record, the fertility specialists featured in the Ebook present sobering critical observations of the growing infertility industry with its poor diagnostic practices, misuse of assisted reproduction, and omission of simple testing that can make a difference between success and failure of ART.

Here are a few additional reasons why reading the Ebook could be helpful:

      • We human are hardwired for worship. We endow the “experts,” in our lives with otherworldly powers they don’t have. These conversations reveal them as human beings with a particular experience. Hearing their views, what they know and what they admit not to know brings them down to human size.


      • It’s moving for example, to hear that Jamie Grifo went through several years of treatment and had a child with a surrogate through egg donation


      • It’s encouraging to hear Jonathan Scher talk about pregnancies in women in their 40’s.


      • There are many useful insights about each of these doctors’s diagnostic processes, which might be helpful if you’re planning to have a consultation at some point but you might also find their thought process helpful for your own exploration.


      • Lots of suggestions and “tips” on boosting your chances (for example Sami’s advice on creating a more alkaline vaginal environment)


      • The book can indeed save you money, time and heartbreak if you read any part of it carefully.


      • Julia challenges some of the answers of these experts and that too can be helpful and encourage you to dare challenge the experts on your journey.



An experiential workshop 
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with Julia Indichova author of Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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