Children? Is Someone Killing Children? Go!

By on July 17, 2014

Children? You mean someone is killing children? Go!

Children killed during an airstrike on the beach in Gaza (NYT Photo)

Children killed during an airstrike on the beach in Gaza (NYT Photo)

That  line is from Czech writer, Karel Čapek’s 1938 play, Mother. I first heard it as a radio drama when I was in high school.

A 25 year old Israeli father with his infant son killed in a terrorist attack in 2011

A 25 year old Israeli father with his infant son killed in a terrorist attack in 2011

Dolores, a mother who lost her husband and four sons to war, finally relents and allows her last remaining son  to enlist.

Someone is killing children. In every corner of the world, every minute of every day, a child is harmed at the hand of one of us, sensible, grown up Mothers and Fathers.

So where do I go, what do I do?

Wouldn’t it be insane for me to support people in bringing more children into the world and not encourage peace activism?

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  1. FindingFaith21 says:

    I was reading a blog the other week about this young mother who was angered that her boys were not allowed to play “guns” at school. She said she would abide by the school rules, but at home, she would encourage her boys to play with their weapon toys because “boys will be boys.” This is a small slice of what’s wrong with our humanity. Where does it say that it is genetically necessary for boys to act violently? Why is it OK for kids to play with guns at all? They grow up learning to kill the “bad guy,” learning to hate, learning to solve problems with violence and war. That is insane. I find it hurts a lot to look at all the tragedy in the world, especially with children. My goal with my kids is to teach them respect: respect for themselves, family, others, animals, the Earth, humanity. If they do that, then violence is unacceptable on any level. Can you imagine if that would work? And if every parent did that? Wow. That’s my dream.

    • Lori says:

      I agree!! As a teacher, it is so difficult to promote and follow a “no tolerance” rule. It amazes me when parents and the community undermind our attempt at a peaceful, safe learning environment by saying, “They were just PLAYING.” Children weren’t born with an innate knowledge of guns and their purpose. Therefore, simply due to their gender, boys shouldn’t be expected nor encouraged to participate in any type of violence, PLAY or otherwise. You are right, what if every parent and member of our community taught each child to respect? But I guess that means every parent , every adult needs to respect and love themselves first? Thus, the healing work we need to do.

  2. Lori says:

    Insanity is this killing. Insanity is not healing. Insanity is ignorance to the crumbling of humanity due to people seeking power and control via disgusting violence. It is quite sane to encourage people to birth children into this chaotic world as these children will help to heal our hurts and our hearts.

    This picture literally sickens me as I spent the day at a local beach and much enjoyed watching all the young children splashing in the water, digging in the sand and cuddling with their mommies on blankets. That’s what children should be doing on a beach, not dying.

    • Sadly, Lori, I actually don’t think the children will heal our hearts unless we begin to heal our own hearts. The children will for the most part believe and do as their parents and grandparents have believed and done. If they grow up in a family that focuses on hatred of the Other, that’s what they will focus on as adults. The work I would like to support in this world is the work of looking for the Enemy in our own hearts. Waging and winning the war between the part of us that seeks revenge and the part of us that seeks a different answer to conflict.

  3. Katy says:

    I think your work naturally does do peace activism. Allowing us to work with our orphans rather than let me work it out in vicious ways. Like yesterday’s Malaysia Airlines Flight that was shot out of the air, all those poor people. I actually used an imagery exercise the other day but it was surrounding an issue at work after having a horrid horrid day there. It really helped! I can see how this work became a lifetime passion for you.

  4. Robin says:

    Dear Julia,

    It is my understanding that when women attain their rightful place in the world they will refuse to give their sons in war and we will have peace. What you are bringing up here is mind-bogglingly awful. Babies are not born with this hatred. It has to be taught. I am thankful to be working with a youth group where peace is emphasized -and it’s also taught that we cannot have peace in the world without peace in our hearts and families. And that is where you are there, Julia, helping us to have peace in our hearts or work towards that so we don’t have to hurt others.

  5. Openhearted says:

    The thing that comes to mind here for me is Hurt people- Hurt people. Sure their is land, religion, political issues, but the true perpetrators truly are hurt individuals. They have never aloud themselves to heal or been able to heal. Instead they are clothed in hate, anger, and sadness searching for a way to fill in the holes that have been buried within themselves! Fertile Heart is an amazing practice that as a hurt person has helped me to fill my holes with peace, hope and healing. Ovum work has truly helped me and I know countless other stop our cycle of hurt people hurt people.
    Thank you

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