Cool It Mommy: One Thing I Do for My-Not-Yet-Born Child 

By on July 13, 2017
Let's turn fields of plastic into fields of lavender!

Let’s turn fields of plastic into fields of lavender!

An Invitation to Daily Deliberate Action to Decrease the Damage of Climate Change.plastic_bags

I posted this blog a few years ago, but it’s just as timely if not more so today as it was then.

The sinking feeling of helplessness after reading the March 31st New York Times headline: Panel’s Warning on Climate Risk:Worst is Yet To Come, was not new to me. The data reported by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, were also not new.

What’s new is this invitation to the Moms in our community and anyone else who wishes to respond.

We are after all a community of mothers and fathers. A very special community of mothers and fathers. Most of our children are yet-to-be-born. So they are, without a doubt, the children who will live with the catastrophic consequences of our complacency.

Unless we act.

The easiest thing to do after reading the United Nations report is to say: This is too depressing. Ugh, please, enough already about my carbon footprint. Someone will figure it out. Someone smarter. More qualified. An expert. A celebrity. A politician.

What difference can my measly action make?


We could choose that road.

Or we could choose the road of pointing our hearts and minds, our feet and our hands toward—meeting a possible solution—halfway. No matter how impossible it might appear to us. Pledging to collaborate with the creative force and with each other through small,honest human-size inspired action.

Birth is about the possibility of possibility.

So let’s do it.

I say YES! to supporting organizations like and spread the word about the promisingly galvanizing documentary series The Years of Living Dangerously, but for this project let’s share what we, you and I, have actually done.

My invitation to each of us is to describe in the comments section one—however small—action we have taken to lessen the damage we do to our common home.

We  can share the step we have taken once, or twice or as many times as we are moved to do so.

I’ve been saddled by guilt observing the volume of plastic bags used in the produce section of our health food store here in Woodstock. So I intend to post my progress of the steps I’ve taken in that regard.

I’m excited about this!

Thank you, dear Visionary Moms for being part of our awesome fertilehearted community!

3 Responses to “Cool It Mommy: One Thing I Do for My-Not-Yet-Born Child ”

  1. gutsymama says:

    I was just in California last week and in Target they charged you if you wanted one of their bags if you did not bring your own. I love my own bags. I bring my Trader Joe bags with me wheenver shopping. They are durable and are able to hold alot more food than the the plastic bags. I grow my own little garden but like Bel I try and support the local farmers market for produce and meat. I have overhauled my bathroom products and cleaning products and using more enviromental friendly products for my body and the enviroment. It is a work in progess. It does start with all of us..but as they say you eat an elephant one bite at a time and if we each take a bite then we can do this together.

  2. Bel says:

    I do feel overwhelmed when I think about the state of crisis our beautiful planet is in, but you are right, Julia, we have to each start somewhere. My small actions are to buy pretty much all my vegetables at the farmers’ market (even though I could often get them cheaper in the supermarket), which means they have not travelled long distances to get to me, and they are (less likely) to be pre-packaged in plastic. And I always take cloth bags with me to the market. I don’t drink water from plastic bottles and use my own stainless steel, and I don’t put my food in plastic containers. I walk a lot, rather than drive/use public transport. This, along with the no plastic, initiated from a desire to protect my own health. But I don’t think we can actually really separate protecting our own body and protecting the body of the planet as it makes sense that what damages one would more often than not damage the other too. I’m generally trying to be more aware of what I’m doing – like switching off the light/extractor fan after I’ve had a shower and opening the bathroom window instead to ventilate the room. I’m sure there are many many more things I can add to these small actions, and I hope to gradually do so. The change has to start with each one of us :-) x

  3. Tiddalick says:

    Julia, it’s so amazing that you should post this, as I’ve found that my journey to meet my child halfway has also brought me to take a lot more positive steps to protect our planet. There seems a clear alignment between these objectives, for me. To share one example – I’ve been trying to avoid having our food in contact with plastics, because of concerns re BPA, phthalates and other toxins that might affect fertility. In doing so, I’ve bought (and use!) a whole lot of stainless steel food containers (to store food), cloth lunch bags (to use instead of plastic ones) and cloths coated in bees wax to use instead of plastic coverings for leftovers etc. And taking these small steps inspires me to want to take more. It absolutely does have to start with us! Thank you again for this post.

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