Cool It Mommy: One Thing I Do for My-Not-Yet-Born Child 

By on April 9, 2014
Let's turn fields of plastic into fields of lavender!

Let’s turn fields of plastic into fields of lavender!

An Invitation to Daily Deliberate Action to Decrease the Damage of Climate Changeplastic_bags

The sinking feeling of helplessness after reading the March 31st New York Times headline: Panel’s Warning on Climate Risk:Worst is Yet To Come, was not new to me. The data reported by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, were also not new.

What’s new is this invitation to the Moms in our community and anyone else who wishes to respond.

We are after all a community of mothers and fathers. A very special community of mothers and fathers. Most of our children are yet-to-be-born. So they are, without a doubt, the children who will live with the catastrophic consequences of our complacency.

Unless we act.

The easiest thing to do after reading the United Nations report is to say: This is too depressing. Ugh, please, enough already about my carbon footprint. Someone will figure it out. Someone smarter. More qualified. An expert. A celebrity. A politician.

What difference can my measly action make?


We could choose that road.

Or we could choose the road of pointing our hearts and minds, our feet and our hands toward—meeting a possible solution—halfway. No matter how impossible it might appear to us. Pledging to collaborate with the creative force and with each other through small,honest human-size inspired action.

Birth is about the possibility of possibility.

So let’s do it.

I say YES! to supporting organizations like and spread the word about the promisingly galvanizing documentary series The Years of Living Dangerously, but for this project let’s share what we, you and I, have actually done.

My invitation to each of us is to describe in the comments section one—however small—action we have taken to lessen the damage we do to our common home.

We  can share the step we have taken once, or twice or as many times as we are moved to do so.

I’ve been saddled by guilt observing the volume of plastic bags used in the produce section of our health food store here in Woodstock. So I intend to post my progress of the steps I’ve taken in that regard.

I’m excited about this!

Thank you, dear Visionary Moms for being part of our awesome fertilehearted community!

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  1. heartsease says:

    :) nice to find this blog. I always appreciated the subtitle of Fertile Female: How the Power of Longing for a Child Can Save Your Life and Change the World. For me, the two are always linked.

    One action I have taken recently is choose a fish oil that isn’t made from cod liver, as cod is a species threatened with extinction. I once saw a picture of a cod that was larger than the fisherman who caught it. Nowadays most cod is no larger than a dinner plate. I chose a fish oil made from anchovies and sardines. The brand I chose has an environmental accreditation, although there are mixed opinions whether any of these really count given that the world’s oceans are in such a bad way, and that all fish stocks are already so depleted (including anchovies and sardines, plus the ones that get caught accidentally when fishing for these). I haven’t eaten fish for more than 15 years, so it was quite something for my body to guide me towards fish oil at all, especially as in wanting to bring a child into this world, I want them to find a world that has some beauty and ecological health.

    So this is a slightly counter-intuitive comment to post here, but sharing it as it is the honest answer to the question, and because every day we are all faced with the complexity of the consequences of our individual decisions in this shared world. I agree our actions however small, change our world. Perhaps equally importantly, even our smallest actions honour the beauty and the devastation, including the damage that we unintentionally or unconsciously contribute to.

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