Fertility Game Changer Time; Let’s Ditch the Victim Game & Slip Into Our Visionary Mama Suits

By on April 25, 2013

The Fertile Heart Approach to Raising Awareness: Aha Moments from the Fertile Heart Community Chat

Our Fertile Heart Free Community Chat last night was a joy to be part of. These are a few aha moments from the two sessions that are just too good not to share, mostly because I suspect they might help clear up the confusion around the idea of a holistic fertility practice.  THANK YOU so much for an energizing evening and feedback!

From Amy in California:

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for inviting me to join the fertility circle in tonight’s teleconference. I was blessed to hear your message. For me, it was a game changer, because it was the first time I really “got” how holistic the Fertile Heart Ovum birthing practice is. Until now, I had been focused on perfecting the components — on trying to master each one individually, instead of focusing on how they work together to make conception possible (just as you reminded us that we must all work together to birth a more peaceful and fertile world for ourselves and for our descendants).

That way of thinking consistently set me up for failure: whenever I struggled to bring forth a vibrant image, to deconstruct a dream or to eat a perfect meal, I felt frustrated and stuck. That negativity left me believing that I was not a good candidate for the Fertile Heart Ovum practice because I could not succeed at following each component precisely. Now, I finally understand the process is not about perfecting its parts, but about embracing its synergy –despite my imperfect practice, I must continue the practice as a whole. That understanding was an “ah-ha” moment.

That said, I know I have a lot of work ahead of me…I know I will still face challenges in living the practice. And I know there are no guarantees that my body will heal in time or to a point when I will conceive and give birth…But, I will continue to try. And, in the process, I hope to become a better mommy to myself. After listening to you, I now understand that the faith I need to undertake and embrace this journey stems from my continued practice of this whole birthing process, “not the other way around,” as you sagely advise on your Fertile Heart Imagery CD. Thank you for opening my eyes and heart to approaching this practice in a way that I had never quite understood, despite my efforts. I have long suspected that hearing you speak “in person” would somehow resonate with me in an incredibly healing way. Tonight, you confirmed my internal wisdom. May God bless you. Thank you for using your gifts to change our lives for the better.”



From Sue in Florida

“Thank you so much for your time and all your kind words!

The session was very useful for me. I appreciate the opportunity to speak, ask and interact with you. Your words were “spot on” You could have been a clairvoyant sage from theHimalayas:)

I believe the orphans in me have influenced me or stopped me from proceeding. Not that I am blaming myself but would certainly appreciate any guidance about how to tackle them. Fear, despair, despondency, feeling of betrayal… plague me and I am in a crossroad now debating if i should abandon this dream and move on to being “childless”

I felt liberated talking to you today!


 From Donna in Chicago

I just wanted to thank you for opening your heart to us tonight in the  Fertile Heart free community chat. I am glad you were “fired up” because I feel that way too. I am 43 years old with so-called “old eggs:and am labeled as a poor responder,” all negative labels which to not belong to me! As you sted, the female body is only suppose to produce 1-2 eggs per month! I am ticked off that my FR had the gall to insult me! The visionary in me is putting on a pair of combat boots and is ready to fight for my baby. Now I understand that my feelings of guilt, fear and being underserving are my little Orphans crying out for attention.

I love them too as they are a part  of me and need to be comforted. I truly appreciate the insight from your books and the discussion tonight. I will look up the information on the intro workshops and hope to attend them.

Thank you everybody. It really is Fertility Game Changer Time! Let’s ditch the victim game and slip into our Visionary Mama suits!

What gets you fired up, wanting to speak up?



7 Responses to “Fertility Game Changer Time; Let’s Ditch the Victim Game & Slip Into Our Visionary Mama Suits”

  1. Julia’s work (also including Inconceivable and fertile heart imagery) changed my life. My doctors diagnosis: “I don’t think we’ll ever get you past the miscarriage stage, if we can even get you pregnant again.” Reading this book fueled my own personal quest to have another child. This is a practical, amazing resource that helped me continue thinking outside of the box and trying new things. Did it work? My son is 1 1/2, healthy, and beautiful.

  2. Shelly says:


    Thank you so much for a wonderful call on Wednesday night, and your words of wisdom and encouragement. Everything you said completely resonated with me and fired me up even more to continue this amazing work you prescribe!

    By putting on my Visionary Mama Suit, I finally feel like I’ve stepped into what seemed like a very scary dragon and am confronting my fears by nurturing my Orphans. It turns out that dragon is not so scary after all.

    I am really looking forward to the phone call series in May and am grateful for you and the women who are a part of this journey. Blessings to you.

  3. lisa says:

    You were on fire Julia! I LOVED & appreciated every thing you said. So direct & connected to our individual & collective purpose in this life and to our dreams of becoming Mothers. I have slipped into my VISIONARY MAMA SUIT & am ready to learn more…blessings & gratitude!

  4. Annemarie says:


    I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your inspiring words last night. Your “victim” mentality speech really hit home. Late last fall and then again early this year, I had a beloved pet suddenly get sick and pass away. I allowed my pain/grief from those passings, as well as my m/c and then inability to conceive again, take over my life. I was mad at the world for bringing so much pain into my life. I stepped away from the OVUM practice, and I also stepped away from myself and living life. I had started back to deal with my orphans about a week ago, but your words last night lifted me up to an entirely different level. Thank you!


    • I’m so, so glad to hear this Annemarie, so glad to hear that you’re back to “being there” for yourself! I was very grateful to the opportunity to connect with everyone last night, thank you for joining us.

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