“Is This Gonna Work?” Bowing Journal 12/11/13

By on December 11, 2013


Bowing Journal 12/11/13

I have a bad cold, so really bundled up today before heading out to do my bowing:

 2 nuggets from today:  

 The power of a kind word:

“I’m glad you have some sun for your bowing today!” said a pleasant looking man after stopping briefly to read my sign.

 What makes it “work?”

Is this gonna work? This elderly, neatly dressed gentleman didn’t come close enough to read the sign, but I appreciated the mischievous smile and his question. 

“Is what gonna work?”

“Whatever it is that you’re doing.”

“It’s already working because I’m doing it,” I told him. Not that I always believe this, but I do know it’s true.  


10 Responses to ““Is This Gonna Work?” Bowing Journal 12/11/13”

  1. Tania says:

    Julia- What I’m most impressed by in this project is the reminder of your advocacy not just to help people conceive but also wake up to the their own Ultimate Mom and Visionary- both men and women. In reading your blog I’m reminded how in my own experience, the more I am actually present to and aware of these parts of myself and feeding them, I am more courageous, authentic, compassionate and truly awake to the human experience. It is not necessarily easy work, and that you openly show up in this way in public with your bowing project is a gift to humanity- to pause and be present to our being human and this moment. Thank you for all you do in helping humanity to wake up to ourselves so that we are then able to wake up more to each other- and bow.

  2. Cristy says:

    Thank you Julia for the work that you do. Your commitment to the work and your wisdom which guides each step is inspiring. I was thinking about how this resonated so much with my own struggles. How so much of this is about really showing up and taking a daily stand for what we believe. This is were real change lies.

    Hope you feel better, Cristy

  3. Katy G says:

    This is wonderful Julia and I love the consistency you have with your bowing project..that is quite inspirational! I hope you feel better and get some rest :) Katy

  4. Hautbois says:

    Believing vs. knowing…
    Even though we sometimes have trouble believing what we know, we still operate and take steps forward, breathing in, breathing out…
    Julia, you inspire us as you bow, as you help us to believe.
    Your actions and truths make such an impact.

    I hope that your cold is better! Blessings, Anna

  5. MiracleHope says:

    Hope your cold subsided Julia !
    “Is this gonna work?” is what caught my attention in the whole blog. This is where my strongest feeling was taking me to, even though I wanted to concentrate on “its already working….” stmt :-(

    I have applied it to my case and through this simple blog, its surprising to know that this question is still lingering somewhere deep inside. Outwardly it doesn’t appear so.

    • You make me laugh S., I LOVE it! And know exactly what you mean, the “is this going to work Orphan,” is one of your most
      powerful CEO’s and it’s great that you get to go to the FH playground and keep her company there for a while.
      Sending a big hug to that little girl!

  6. NadyaH says:

    “It’s already working because I’m doing it..” means it’s already working because I care. Thank you, Julia for this simple phrase of wisdom. Our true care is what makes a difference. This is a great reminder to stay true to yourself and never give up things you care about. Feel better, Julia – it’s already working!%)

  7. heather says:

    Julia- I love your response to the second nugget ” It’s already working because I am doing it..” what a statement! Simple and profound. That could apply to all of what we are working on with the fertile heart experience! Those words brought my A-Ha moment of the day. I wish you blessings on your project- stay warm!

  8. Ktrags says:

    THanks Julia for your efforts to make positive change. Hope your cold is better soon. Kristen

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