Meeting Your Child Halfway Home Practice #2


Dear Unarguably Fertile Friends,

It was a huge pleasure to be with you again yesterday. You are indeed a group of *amazing* moms, dads, parents.  Thank you for the level of intimacy and openness we were able to co-create together.

There is a whole lot more to be said.  I’ll do my best to articulate at least a few things for you to mull over.

As with the note from last week, please give yourself a peaceful space to take in this email.

The very first thing I’d love to reiterate, is that every single one of you has what it takes to turn this “invitation” aka “infertility” into something that will be a major turning point toward the good in your life.  Or the “Good” with an upper-case G in all of our lives.

But it’s not going to happen without your participation. It will require some doing. Actually, it’s the most important kind of doing all of us humans are asked to do. The sooner we realize that, the less we suffer. On this journey and beyond.infertility-inspiration

In an eight-hour workshop, or even a week-long workshop, the only thing you can really find out are a few basics such as:

Did anything I hear/experience have an effect on me? And if so, what kind of effect did it have? If I’m confused (which I imagine some of you might be) would it be worth it for me to learn more and become clearer?

Can the person who has guided me through this experience be trusted? What is their track record?

What do I risk if I choose to learn more?

What do I risk if I choose not to learn more and keep doing the same thing I’ve been doing for 1,2,3…10 years?

Joining the ongoing Fertile Heart support community calls for a modest time and financial commitment. But it’s a heart commitment. And it’s the heart-commitment that scares the Orphans away. So just gently notice which part of you is doing the choosing and ask:

Is it the O, is it the V or is it the UM guiding me?

If the work resonates, I hope you keep going in whatever way suits you. In my own life this has become a truly life-saving, profound practice.  You can engage with it to any level, but I myself would find it impossible to fully engage with the tools and address the questions that inevitably come up, without guidance and community. It’s also a lot more fun to have a circle of allies as we navigate some of the more mysterious terrains of this journey.  Which is why I decided to offer ongoing support in a way that’s accessible to all; the way that I would’ve loved someone to be there for me when I needed it most.

If you wish to delve in deeper with my guidance and in the company of other fertile-hearters, we have lots of fun (and yes, sometimes that involves laughing through our tears) in our Visionary group.

You can join that Visionary Circle ANY TIME.  You need NOT wait for a series to start. We have two more sessions you can register for right now (March 16 and 23rd).  The dates of the next series of five sessions will be posted on March 24th)

The Visionary calls are easily accessible in terms of cost and scheduling. They are live calls facilitated by me with lots of interaction. You get to ask me any questions that come up for you as you dive into the practice and you also get to hear me interact with everyone else. I lead a GMT-friendly group as well as one for the Americas. You’ll find links to those groups on the Event’s Page.

We are using the 19 Segment Video Series as a resource in the Visionary Group. Which means that you need to own it. At the moment it is the most up to date version of the program. Since the escalation of the Covid 19 crisis, we have been offering it for a generous discount. In fact, we’ve considerably reduced the fees for all events, so this might be a good time to take advantage of those support resources.

In each Visionary circle, we’re focusing on one segment of the Meeting Your Child Video Series.  I ask that you watch that segment and do as much or as little of the suggested practice as possible. No pressure, go easy. If all you do is watch the segment and show up for the calls you’ll get plenty to chew on.

Since you just completed an introductory workshop, you don’t need to do anything else to join your first session. All you have to do is show up.

During the course of the series, you are also most welcome, of course, to read through the titles and descriptions of the segments and check out the ones that address a most relevant topic for you at any given moment.

Then, by all means, email me the day prior to our session with any questions that come up for you.

Don’t hesitate to bring into the session anything you’re wrestling with and I will do my best to point you toward a specific video segment or other resource that might be helpful.

Now a few suggestions on the next steps if you decide to delve deeper:

Right after the workshop it might useful to –

  • start with re-reading the Counting Snowflakes chapter and The Authority Vested in You chapter of The Fertile Female.
  • Choose to work with one imagery sequence either from the CD’s or choose an imagery from The Fertile Female if you don’t own the audio programs.
  • choose to work with one Body Truth sequence each day. If you own Body Truth, listening to the introduction a few times has been very helpful to people.
  • keep track of any dreams that come and work with the questions on page 180 of the Fertile Female.
  • The basics of the practice involve the following questions: At this stage of my journey who is the strongest Orphan asking to be heard? Who is the Visionary calling to be born in response to that Orphan?  And finally: What visionary rooted action do I choose to take to support the gestation of that Visionary? If you own the 19 Segment Video Series the first 8 Segments cover the basics of the practice in depth and include prompts and specific imagery
  • Remember to breathe, go easy, be kind to yourself. None of this is meant to be overwhelming. 

At this link you’ll find a few additional suggestions and links some of you asked for during or after the workshop which might be useful for continuing with the practice.

This is an “ask” in support of my *own* emerging Visionary:  

Please know that I fully respect your need for  privacy and I will continue to give you the best I’ve got either in the Visionary group, or private work or the next Free Class or any other resources I’ve been offering all these years.

And…I have to walk my talk.  Keep taking action to feed the gestation of my next unborn Visionary. I would love your support.  My beautiful Orphans don’t like needing it or asking for it, but unless I’m heard by at least some of the members of the community I serve, my work isn’t going to make a difference it can make. No matter how passionate I am about tilting the scale toward the Power of Good, in order to make a difference I need others who care enough to engage in a public conversation with me.

If you listened to each other, you must’ve heard how badly so many of us have been injured by the half-truths perpetuated by both care-givers and patients in the contentious world of baby making. Not because anyone aims to deliberately cause harm, but because we need a far more expansive collective understanding of this singular life/health challenge.

Wishing to birth a family, or a wish to expand our family is something to be celebrated. We need not share anything we’re not ready to share on our social media pages, or with our colleagues and friends, but we do need to examine the level of shame and secrecy that surrounds this crisis. Mostly we need to compassionately acknowledge how much such secrecy hurts us.

So whenever you’re ready, I hope you’ll consider saying hello on some of the social media platforms I’m active on.


This is my personal Facebook Page

Instagram   I’m most active on this one.

Twitter: Although I only post here occasionally, it’s helpful to have followers.

Again, it was an honor and a pleasure to meet you.  If I don’t see you in the next few weeks, please keep in touch. Send a picture and a note when you birth your family. I’d love to hear how things unfold for you. 

With love and my deepest gratitude for trusting me to be part of your journey!

– Julia


An experiential workshop 
recorded live and ready for viewing
with Julia Indichova author of Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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