The Fertile Heart™ Way of Decoding Recurrent Miscarriage Causes

By on January 27, 2012

A holistic approach to decoding recurrent miscarriage causes, understanding causes for early miscarriages, and making conceiving after a miscarriage possible.

5 miscarriages, 5 failed medicated IUI"s and baby Elisabeth conceived the old fashioned way. Click here for E-book with full story.

5 miscarriages, 5 failed medicated IUI”s and baby Elisabeth conceived the old fashioned way. Click here for E-book with full story.

Having witnessed the journeys of women in my practice, a miscarriage is a heartbreaking event. What I’ve also witnessed is that decoding recurrent miscarriage causes without a more holistic view of pregnancy is a no win proposition. Once my clients begin to view themselves as a Holy Human Loaf, rather than a collection of organs, they begin to understand what causes miscarriages, and unravel the mysteries of recurrent miscarriage causes in a much more profound manner. Conceiving after a miscarriage then becomes not only possible but the journey toward a full term pregnancy becomes a most exciting, health enhancing journey of healing and self-discovery.

This overview and testimonials intend to offer a sense of the Fertile Heart™ Ovum ways to prevent miscarriage and share stories of women for whom conceiving after a miscarriage was the beginning of birthing not only a child but the many not yet born aspects of their own nature, and a brand new way of viewing their lives. Having used the Fertile Heart™ Ovum tools to increase their overall level of physical, emotional and spiritual well being, they went on to give birth to healthy babies often after years of multiple miscarriages.

Watch this video of testimonials of women who navigated the confusing messages of the possible causes of miscarriage with the help of Fertile Heart Ovum Program. Includes segments of  Fertile Heart™ workshop.

Research on causes of miscarriage points toward a number of possible culprits on the physical level. Of course from the perspective of the Fertile Heart™ philosophy, there is no such thing as a purely physical symptom. Everything that manifests on the physical level is a reflection of the invisible world, and carries an emotional and spiritual component.

The tools of the Ovum practice address each of the miscarriage symptoms below in a radically holistic manner.

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