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The Fertile Heart Resource Network aims to continue the mission sparked by my own diagnosis of “incurable infertility:” the mission to contribute to a more health affirming approach to reproductive challenges by:

  1. encouraging clients to expand their view of fertility enhancing healing options
  2. connecting holistic practitioners of various modalities with people seeking support on their journeys toward parenthood and beyond.
  3. reducing the heavy healthcare and environmental costs incurred by misuse of medical technology.
  4. to reach out and inform the global wellness community about the Fertile Heart OVUM Mind Body tools and philosophy that empower –both provider and client —to become equal partners in the healing process.

The design includes a page for each practitioner that can include bio/images etc. So practitioners will not need to have a website to be part of the network.

Although Fertile Heart has been, since its inception in 1997, a holistically focused site, our global community has included thousands of women whose family building options included IVF, egg, donation, embryo donation and other assisted reproductive technologies.

Note:  Our IVF Success Stories page celebrates the babies who arrived through the use of ART.  The Fertile Heart OVUM Mind Body Program does not exclude or disparage the use of medical technology, when they serve the patient’s best interests. 

Having raised two outspoken daughters, I’m quite aware that it indeed takes a village to nurture our children as they grow into responsible adults. I’m no less aware that it will take a global village to enable the growth of the Fertile Heart Resource Network.

I hope you’ll consider it worthy of your participation.

In order to provide our first users with the largest possible number of referrals, we’re offering a free nine months listing to practitioners who join the Fertile Heart Network prior to the launch.

Here’s to healthy families and a child-friendly earth!

Julia Indichova, Founder/CEO Fertile Heart L.L.C.

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