Visionary Moms Registration Options & Guidelines

Dear Fertilehearted Friends:

Whether you are continuing in this group, or joining us for the first time after completing the introductory sessions, welcome.  I’m really looking forward to hearing your voices.

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, could you please take a few minutes to read through a quick overview of guidelines for those of you who have registered, or requested to register as Members. Without guidelines things can get pretty chaotic, especially since we’re engaging with such an  emotionally charged subject.

Natural Pregnancy after 6 Failed IVF's

Hi Julia, I am writing to tell you that I am pregnant. I took the test at the end of last week, and, amazingly, I am naturally pregnant (after 6 failed IVF’s, 4 IUI’s with stimulation drugs over 8 years)… I am doing lots of The White Flower, Three Steps Forward and Welcome Home as I am constantly worrying about miscarrying…. I wasn’t going to join in tonight’s circle as a result, but I could do it if you think it would be helpful….Thank you so very much for all your help, love and support. I was only thinking the other week how it was a year ago on 1 March that I came to Woodstock to meet you.
Yours affectionately,
Sarah P. London UK

Creating a safe space for all of us is a number one priority for me. Which is why I want to make sure it’s clear is that this practice is not a substitute for psychotherapy.  Please seek the help of a qualified health professional if you feel at any point that you are getting in touch with feelings that are difficult for you to handle on your own.

Another clarification: the 3 Session Introductory Series is a pre-requisite for Members only.  It’s a three week systematic introduction to the practice.   

Participants are welcome to check about space in the group at any point. Kindly do not register without checking about space and requesting an invitation.

Why the two registration options?

Not that long ago, I had the honor to work privately with one of the women in our community.We’ll call her Cindy.

She was someone who came to the workshop, and participated in the 3 Session Introductory Series.

She was part of the Visionary Moms group for over a year by the time we agreed on a few private sessions. And yet in those few weeks of our exploration, the Orphans that showed up, surprised both of us. Their power to stop Cindy on her way to motherhood was undeniable.

The power of the Fertile Heart OVUM tools became also startlingly visible to both of us. It’s not the private sessions that made the difference.  It’s that Cindy and I made a commitment to show up for the practice and for each other.  As a member of the larger Visionary Circle, Cindy could hide. She could show up or not.

So my intention with the two registration options is to encourage you to claim the full value of these real time, live series. The more we all engage, the more fun we’ll have with the tools and the sessions will be a lot more meaningful for all of us.  

I also wanted to make room for those of you who might wish to dip your toes into the work to see if it’s right for you.

If you decide to join us, email me at to confirm space availability and let me know your registration choice.

Your opportunity as a Member-Game-Changer:

    1. To check about availability, and register.  After registering you should now automatically receive the Dial In number  If for any reason that does not happen please take responsibility for receiving the number by emailing us at  If you haven’t received the number prior to the day of the call, please check your spam mail, then email us again or call 845-679-5469. Thank you.
    2. To engage with at least one aspect of the practice in a way that is safe and helpful, and come into our circle with something you wish to work on, or questions that have come up for you. You’re welcome to email me the day before the session if you’re burning to work on something. Why do I ask for this? In order to raise the value of this series for you and everyone else.
    3. To post a comment on the latest blog. Why do I ask for this?  Because we get to keep in touch, get to know each other and initiate a more meaningful public conversation about “infertility,” and the I.B.O.W. practice.
    4. If you miss a session, continue with the practice  If you miss a session, please don’t ask me or the other moms to fill you in on what transpired in the session or share the suggested homework.  The most fun and the most healing part of these circles is not the sharing of information but the  practice of  “conception,” in real time with guidance. The basic homework is always the same (see above) Other than that, I make homework recommendations based on what happens in the group and we would need to spend lots time filling you in to make the homework meaningful. If you miss the homework be creative and assign a homework for yourself.
    5. Registration logistics: If you are registering for the Visionary Series prior to the first session, you can do so through the website.  Just go to the Event’s Page and click on the event.  Your payment for the series is an expression of your six week commitment to yourself, to the practice and to our group.  Please note that as generous as I intend to be, I will not be able to accommodate refunds or credits for missed sessions. Our aim in this group is to co-create a safe, conception friendly space we can all count on for the duration of 6 weeks. A space that offers each of you a solid container in which you can enjoy the full healing power of I.B.O.W. and seize the opportunity that comes with this particular challenge
    6. Registration option for first-time members  If you are new to this group and you have checked about availability, you can also register at any point for the remaining number of sessions of a series  by clicking on the registration option of your choice. In that case, the fees will be pro-rated.  


Your opportunity as a Participant: To check about availability and  register. If for any reason you don’t receive the dial in automatically, please email us at  If you haven’t received the number prior to the day of the call, please check your spam mail, email me again or call 845-679-5469.

That about wraps it up!

I am as always, thrilled to be sharing the Fertile Heart OVUM work with so many spectacular moms and dads, and can’t wait to see what you and I get to “conceive” next time we connect.

With love and appreciation!





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