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3 Fertility Drugs Money Can’t Buy

Thursday July 7, 2022

4:00PM EDT (NY) – A Free Online Zoom Class

What we’re going for in this free class is to activate the production of 3 powerful fertility drugs.

  •  You can’t order them from your pharmacy
  •  Your fertility specialist did not learn about them in medical school
  •  You yourself might never think of them as fertility drugs. Wouldn’t consider them more powerful than IVF, or your supplements, or the Chinese herbs you’ve been taking for two years, or the wheatgrass shots you gulp down each morning.

And yet these 3 drugs can make all the difference.

3 Fertility Drugs Money Can't Buy - A Free Chat with Julia Indichova

They did for me, for the babies in that image and for thousands of hopeful moms, dads, parents longing to love a child.

The most likely place to begin the production of these 3 fertility drugs is in community. A circle of people who care, respect and engage with each other.

It’s the kind of community I hope to co-create with each of you on Thursday, July 7th at 4:00PM EDT (New York).

Together we’ll discover what exactly those drugs are & how to use them. Whether it’s in combination with your next treatment or on the path to spontaneous pregnancy or to increase joy on the adoption road.

Hope to see you in the Zoom Room!


July 7, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Womans Legs walking up steps 4 simple steps to re-claiming your fertility and your life

4 Simple Steps

to Re-Claiming Your Fertility & Your Life

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