Facebook and the Hunger of the Soul: God Said, Meet Me Halfway

By on September 18, 2014


I never though I’d be making a video on the virtues of Facebook as a source of soul-support. But that’s exactly what this next piece is about.

I also usually shy away from using the word God in my posts, mostly because so many of us have rather limited pre-conceptions about the meaning of that word. This time, that’s the word that walked onto the page and I decided to leave it there.

I hope you’ll take a look at the video.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ways you feed your soul and meet your next Self halfway and how you would like to be supported in that birthing.

Another question that might strengthen you on your current birthing journey is: How do I place my fertility challenge into the larger story of healing my family line? What is it that has been left unhealed by the generations that came before me?

As I prepare for the High Holidays, I think of a young man I met on September 11 this year. This was my eighth year at Ground Zero with my 9/11 Bowing Project. Emre, a 20-something tourist from Turkey stopped by to check out my banner which read:


 “I’m a Muslim,” he said. “Things are different for me now, I keep meeting people who think I’m bad because I’m a Muslim.

Ground Zero 9/11 2014

Ground Zero 9/11 2014

“You are right,” Emre continued,  looking at my sign. “We all, Muslims, Jews, Christians and all people have good and bad inside. But we better bow down to the Good otherwise it’s going to be REALLY BAD for everybody.”

Here is to learning from each other, drawing strength from our rich wisdom traditions and to the continuous birthing of a saner human clan!

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11 Responses to “Facebook and the Hunger of the Soul: God Said, Meet Me Halfway”

  1. Jean says:

    Some of the ideas from your video that resonated and inspired me the most were these: “All Human beings want to be heard, to tell a story no other human being could tell.” I find that listening deeply to what our authentic selves are asking us to do is part of this work, as well as part of living a full life–the two seem to go hand in hand. And you also spoke of receiving the small in large assignments in life, whether a health challenge or being asked to give a talk (or for me, to sing for others) as God’s invitation to walk out and meet our truest, most stunning selves halfway.” This idea got me through the weekend, where I was asked to do something very challenging, and I called on that voice of the Visionary Mother to support me, and it worked out divinely. It seems that continuing to, as you say, respond to the divine–in acting on a longing to have a child and to fulfill all of those callings of the soul–involves knowing that the divine is there for you.

  2. Openhearted says:

    I loved the video and I have loved reading all the posts! When you ask the question “How do I place my fertility challenge into the larger story of healing my family line?” The first thing that popped in to my head was wanting to be heard! I know from a small age maybe Midwest culture, it was important to do as my parents said and don’t ask why, even if I had something to add be it good it was never heard or recognized. My own parents struggle in a relationship where they don’t hear each other or frankly choose not to. It has been a orphan that has been present generation after generation. I try to tell my own child daily that I hear her and I am listening because those two things are so big for me personally.
    Also I have been wrestling with my own relationship with God. I am praying and asking about where am I going in this journey, am I making the right choices, am I acting in a visionary way. Interesting enough my daily devotional answered my own question, and my own orphan of wanting to intercede and create what I want to create questioned am I really hearing what I need right now, but deep down when I see past the haze I see the truth of the moment and know the truth of my visionary and um.
    Thanks for another awesome blog that pulls at the heart strings!

  3. MiracleHope says:

    “How is this challenge calling me to heal something in my family line?” –> When Julia asked all of us this question, something that popped up impromptu was “Being taken care of”, it was very strong through out our session. Both my mom and dad had rough childhood and when I pondered what they went through, they had absolutely no support from their parents due to various unavoidable circumstances. That was one of the reasons why they really cared, supported and protected me so well and yet I see this orphan that is angry, frustrated and continuing the legacy of what they went through. And when I keenly hear for a root cause, I hear the part of me that is yearning to be taken care of.

  4. Robin says:

    Wonderful posts everyone and video. I was particularly uplifted by what Emre said – that we need to bow down to our good – all of us. My husband had class mates – a husband and wife -from Turkey in grad school. Moslem they had us over for wonderful eggplant dip and pita bread. Wonderful sweet people. Julia, you asked us how this fertility challenge is calling me to heal something in my family line. Something in my family line that needs healing is how to deal with anger. I was taught by observation if you were mad at someone, you refuse to talk to them until you get worn out or the other person apologizes. Passive aggressive is another option – wait until they are out of earshot and tell bad things about them to whoever will listen. This is still a work in progress for me but, I am working on it. I refuse to not talk to someone I’m upset with. Sometimes I have to walk away for a while. Julia you have such wonderful tools for this including letting “King Kong” have his or her say but not to the person or to another person in an effort to hurt, but to release and let the Ultimate Mom and Visionary guide. Thank you so much. As I say it is still a work in progress but I am working on it.

  5. Katy says:

    I luurve this video Julia! The way I feed my soul is listening more and more to the visionary, UM and orphan! I really love my imagery work. I am now making body truth a priority rather than “if I get to it”. After the workshop I really felt a weight being lifted from me it is as though I now longer need to give myself such a hard time on this journey and allow a little fun and laughter back into my life! I am truly grateful for that Julia.

  6. CristyME says:

    Hi Julia:

    What a great a post. Its one I can keep learning from every time I listen to it. I was really moved by the poem and the idea that God is walking toward me as I am walking toward her. I also appreciated how small encounters with others on Facebook or in person can be really divine messages or clues from God which I have been asking for I guess I need to become more aware of these clues from God and appreciate them for what they really are, small miracles.


  7. RachelSF says:

    It is amazing how a small connection with a stranger can happen and change our perspective. In this case, it happened through Facebook as the communication tool, but sometimes we can receive support from a stranger in the street or a conversation on an airplane that can move us in a different direction or help us see our truth etc. Thank you for reminding me of the power of support in the world and even seeing it in a Facebook share or maybe a Twitter retweet.

  8. MiracleHope says:

    What an amazing video Julia !!!
    This is a miracle. I have been moving in the spiritual direction and was wondering if GOD is really hearing me and if so how will I know. And I got his message in the form of your video…..MEETING GOD HALFWAY as mentioned in the poem, he is coming towards me !
    I have listened this video more than 5 times now. I wanted to specifically mention couple of the points that really touched my heart…..”Its a choice we see our desires and disappointments through ppl we connect with as GOD’s invitations; Being perpectually addressed by the divine is also a choice to receive the small
    and the large assignments in our life whether its a health challenge as God’s invitation to walkout and meet our truest, purest and most stunning selves halfway” I couldn’t agree more today on this. The way you are trying to reach out, many of us desperately tried and hoped we would be heard and found Fertile Heart. The medium of communication could be used for destruction or for benefiting others. Both are available and its our choice as to what we pick. But using the medium to share the message is the key. I am so happy that I can’t express it in words. I tried my best adding my earnest and heartfelt thoughts here

    • FindingFaith21 says:

      I SO agree, MH! (We’re sharing that same brain thing again. ha ha ha). I have struggled mightily with believing God hears me, especially when all I can see are obstacles that prevent me from having a baby or living the life I was meant to live. But maybe those obstacles are helping me get there? That’s an interesting way of looking at it. Julia, you ROCK! I am going to start eBaying like crazy so I can save up money for plane tickets to come see you at a future workshop. These messages, videos, phone calls and forums are like oxygen to me these days.

  9. Heather says:

    Love this video Julia! I joined facebook kicking and screaming the whole way. I had no desire to join and failed to see the point of joining when I had a perfectly good cell phone and email account. Having been on it for a while now I have experienced joy, elation, sadness, guilt and jealousy on an almost daily basis. I have been able to stay connected with people who I would not be able to see in person, like Ruth, who was in your June workshop and lives in Japan and Lori,( who lives on the East Coast) the world’s greatest cheerleader. I adore your facebook posts. Some days I know divine intervention HAD to have part in what you posted because those are usually the days I need snowflakes of healing. The journey to meeting my child has become a deeply spiritual one on many levels. I have become connected to my faith in a way I would not have thought possible only a year ago when I prayed primarily for the purpose of getting what I wanted. I know realize what I wanted and what I needed are two very different things. In a way it was like joining facebook, I joined out of obligation and did what was required. I now see facebook as a tool, yet another way to work with my orphans and to allow me to hear my visionary and UM. I now use facebook with intention and for inspiration. I am able to feed a part of my soul through facebook. Please keep the videos, posts, blogs etc. coming -those too are nourishment for my heart and soul.

    • MiracleHope says:

      Hi Heather
      I have connected with your thoughts at a 100% match when I saw these statements – “The journey to meeting my child has become a deeply spiritual one on many levels. I have become connected to my faith in a way I would not have thought possible” – this is so true on my front too, just unexplainable how timely this post was for me.
      The other thing that seemed to match my thoughts were about joining facebook. I rejoined fb after 3 yr break. this time my intention was very clear, I wanted to stir up my orphans – sad, dejected, jealousy, frustration anything that could be triggered and FB was the perfect medium. If I need to hear to my V or UM, I really have to meet the orphan and let her come out of her hiding. That was my main motivation.
      The other reason was I was running away and hiding in shame and hence deactivated my account in 2011. Hence I wanted to take the V step towards telling my Shame orphan that I need not be shameful and should be courageous. I am just patting myself on this front:)

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