Fertile Heart Facilitator Certification Program


Sundays March 27, April 3, 24, May 1, 15, 22, June 5

2:30PM EST (New York)

This agreement describes the relationship between you, the Certified Fertile Heart Facilitator, and the Fertile Heart LLC., company. While it’s a typical agreement it can be difficult for a lay person to fully understand. To simplify, here a summary of the terms in plain English:

-You are an independent agent, not an employee of the company.

-The company’s role is to provide you with the tools and opportunity to lead local in-person Fertile Heart Support Circles in your geographic area, for people in your community who are experiencing family-birthing challenges.

-Your role is to reach out to people in your community who might appreciate an opportunity to learn about the Fertile Heart practice and be part of an ongoing in person support/circle.

-All fees that you will charge for your leadership are yours to keep in full.

-You must not change or modify the Fertile Heart course material or any of the published Fertile Heart resources, or present them as your own.

-When the participants in your circles acquire the course materials, for example the Meeting Your Child Halfway Video Series or the Imagery or Body Truth Audio Programs, you will receive a percentage of the cost of those resources.

-Julia Indichova and the Fertile Heart Team welcomes your ideas and input, but are under no obligation to use them.

There are a few other legal items covered in the agreement that deal with ending the agreement and dealing with disagreements, so please read the agreement through. Julia Indichova and the Fertile Heart LLC team look forward to having a long and worthwhile relationship with you.

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