Infertility Success Stories

Infertility Success StoriesSuccess Stories: Pregnant After Years of Unexplained Infertility

Maria Bono – Success with a natural pregnancy 5 years after infertility

“One day, my doctor recommended checking the Fertile Heart™ website. I did, and read about Julia, her story and her approach to infertility.  I decided to buy The Fertile Female; I loved it from the first page. It was a book full of hope, empowerment and tools. Soon after that I also bought Inconceivable, I just wanted to know more and more about this miracle that so many women had experienced with her method, hoping that it was possible for me also with a little bit of work and commitment. I loved both books; I would totally recommend anybody trying to conceive a baby to read them and apply them to your life.”

Jo Z. – I’m Pregnant!

“Yes, it happened!!! Julia, this has been such a jubilant time—the affirmation from the universe of what I always knew deep down was possible, but was sometimes too afraid to dream—that I am NOT infertile, that my baby CAN come to me, that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with me. Your workshop, phone circles and work helped me remember that so many times when my faith was shaky. My sincere thanks for your brilliant support, your intuitive guidance, and unflagging belief in this journey being a most blessed event in all of our lives.”

Fertile Heart. Fertile Mind, Fertile Body

What’s so unique about Julia’s infertility success stories and the Fertile Heart Ovum Mind Body Program is that it was conceived not by a doctor or medical professional but by an ordinary woman who for once in her life dared to defy the certainty of experts and created a healing protocol of the most natural fertility remedies that are found deep within each of us, if we care to fully engage in our own healing.

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