Failed In Vitro Fertilization

Failed In Vitro FertilizationNatural Conception after Failed In Vitro Fertilization

Anna H. at 43, first time mom of twins, conceived the old fashioned way after a failed in vitro fertilization

“I wanted to use my own eggs, so we did go through an in vitro fertilization cycle in June one year after our marriage.  It was a long month that resulted in heartbreak.

Our insurance will cover another cycle of IVF, but we are not yet certain when we will do it… In my quest for knowledge about fertility/infertility, and natural treatments and approaches, I came across your work.  I read the reviews of your books and then spent a good deal of time on your website.  Your words spoke to me, and I felt compelled to pursue your approaches.”

Dalia – Twins conceived the old fashioned way after 3 failed in vitro fertilizations and 4 failed IUI’s

“I was told that I had high FSH despite being relatively young and that was why I was experiencing secondary infertility.  The RE, quite matter-of-factly told me that I would likely go through menopause at around 40 and had about a 2% chance of conceiving naturally.   I was incredibly devastated and after days of crying, I dove into IUI—I went on do this 4 times, without any conceptions. After the failed IUIs we moved on to IVF.  We did 2 failed in vitro fertilization cycles and neither of which produced even a single fertilized egg!”

Deidra – Spontaneous pregnancy after 3 failed egg donation cycles

“Listening to other women’s stories and Julia’s questions really struck a chord with me as to why I made certain decisions and what pushed me that way. One of the things she said was not to make any decisions when you feel defeated. I suddenly realized that  that’s how I had made every decision up until that point! Out of feeling defeated and out of panic. That’s what I did with every in vitro fertilization cycle and every egg donor cycle. I just kept moving on to the next one and never let my emotions settle.”

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