Male Infertility on the Rise but not for Fertile Heart™ Dads: Hey Daddy, Have Some Walnuts but Don’t Stop There!

By on August 24, 2012

In the last few months, lots of attention is focused on wannabe dads.

Does food really matter?

First, we received the startling news that what men eat or whether they smoke or drink doesn’t affect their fertility. Sperm counts, sperm morphology, overall semen quality won’t change, claimed the researchers, if you load up on junk food or replace fries with green smoothies.

I have written a brief response to that brilliant study, and I didn’t have to wait too long to hear a bit of good news from the University of California validating a diet recommendation we’ve long been following here in Fertile Heart ™ land.

Is it walnuts or omega-3?

A study supported by the California Walnut Commission, is urging us to make sure, the dad-to-be is loading up on walnuts, or more accurately good sources of omega-3 which of course can also come from, fish, flax seeds, a good fish oil supplement. But it’s the Walnut Commission, so we’re talking walnuts. Don’t get me wrong. Walnuts are great, we’ve known that for a long, long time.

How much to make a difference?

And the authors of the California study assert quite clearly that 75 grams of walnuts a day will help sperm morphology, and motility. But the authors of the study are quick to point out that it’s unclear whether walnuts will actually turn things around for “infertile” men, since none of the men involved in the University of California study had fertility problems.

Let’s not make too many waves that would upset our colleagues in the infertility world.

And what else have we heard about male infertility this week? A recent New York Times article tells us that older dads are more likely to father an autistic child or a schizophrenic child. What advice does the expert quoted in the New York Times piece offer? “the finding was hardly reason to forgo fatherhood later in life, though it may have some influence on reproductive decisions.”

Do you freeze your sperm or take care of yourself?

A few lines later, this inconspicuous little jewel of a statement: “collecting the sperm of young adult men and cold-storing it for later use could be a wise individual decision.” Hmm…who sponsored that study I wonder.

My take? Money is the imperfect currency of power in the world of science as it is in the rest of human society. I don’t know enough about the California Walnut Commission, but I imagine they do a lot less damage than the baby makers.

Sperm banks, egg banks, baby factories or healthy, happy dads?

What’s disconcerting is that the infertility industry is creating a tidal wave of consciousness that appears unstoppable. The question is, will anyone notice how it’s slowly nudging us toward a world in which we will all be freezing our sperm and stocking our frozen follicles in egg banks and our babies will only be manufactured in baby making factories.

There is a lot wannabe dads can do about increasing sperm morphology and motility and jazz up their overall sperm prowess. That’s what I’m taking from the walnut study.

Sperm morphology, and motility and count are all fluid, changeable because our Holy Human Loaves are fluid and changeable. Here are some suggestions on improving sperm morphology, etc. in case walnuts alone will not do the trick.

My sponsor is Fertile Heart, so I like the rest of us humanoids better learn how to lobby for my sponsor.

For the time being, I don’t have a study to show you that what we do here is working. What I have are pictures of babies, happy dads and emails from moms. That’s Nathan and Ben in the picture above. He used to accompany his beautiful wife to our groups in New York after they attended the Woodstock workshop the second time.

You’re the lab, the subject of the experiment and the principal investigator

It might take a little while for Fertile Heart™ to sponsor s study that shows how the IBOW tools can turn things around for men and women and the incoming generation.

For now, you might have to conduct that research project yourself. Or you can wait for the next study to prove that a healthy, happy man will father healthier, happier babies well into their golden years.

I keep imagining those babies up there in the over world scratching their little heads and wondering,

Whose side are these humans on anyway? Is anyone thinking about us?

How about cleaning up the air and water?

How about a little less money channeled into killing each other?

How about it mom and dad?

One Response to “Male Infertility on the Rise but not for Fertile Heart™ Dads: Hey Daddy, Have Some Walnuts but Don’t Stop There!”

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Julia, Anna here, from Belgium. An excellent piece, this and very well written thus enjoyable to read despite its gruesome implications. Baby makers, yeah. I had to think about Game makers from Hunger Games. Don’t know why this particular idea surfaced but it seems correct. You are a visionary, unfortunately… i really think this is where this whole thing is going – towards some sort of mechanised, out of body production process. Your piece has really resonated with me, even if I used fertility drugs for both my children without much regret and would probably shoot some menopur/pregnyl again if necessary. But even I have my limits ;-) and somehow you touched them with your blog. With love and respect, xxx a

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