Father’s Days and a Foolish Study: Smoking and Drinking Doesn’t Effect Sperm Count?

By on June 15, 2012

Dear Dads and Dads-to-Be,

Father’s Day is a great time for a little independent thinking.

If we really love you, if we really hope to  celebrate lots of fun Father’s Days with you, we’re best to ignore this rather foolish study that tells us you can do yourself in, drink and smoke and fill up on junk  food  and the baby seed you plant will be just fine in spite of it all.

Notice the wording: Lifestyle advice “could delay other options.” Don’t waste your time getting healthier when you can spend $30,000 on IVF/ICSI combo? If you do your research you’ll discover that ICSI comes with a chance of passing on your “infertility” to your sons. But who can worry about that?

Another study and another beautiful example of why we must conduct our very own research.

Here’s to my Dad, as I remember his belly laugh, his singing, and his irresistible humanity. He was  a master at doing his own thinking.  If he had not learned to do so, I don’t think I’d be here today.

Happy Father’s Day to all, drink your vegie juice Dads, your son and daughter will be glad you did!

P.S. On August 15, 2012 a brand new study was released that tells us food actually does affect sperm morphology and semen quality in general.

One Response to “Father’s Days and a Foolish Study: Smoking and Drinking Doesn’t Effect Sperm Count?”

  1. P. says:


    What a beautiful thing an independent thinking Dad! You made me smile while I was reading this blog. Both my husband and I are pretty stubborn and at least on this aspect we are well equipped. Perhaps – after years of believing of not having the right ‘fertility’ qualities to be a mother – one day I will look back and realize that the quality of being stubborn and independent was the one that really mattered, even if my children will come to me in ‘different’ ways. Today I needed to hear that our mind, our way of thinking, our ideas are and will be more powerful than a non so perfect body. Thank you, Julia!


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