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    Body Truth: Double Audio Download

    A fertility and health enhancing movement practice with Julia Indichova. Fertile Heart™ Body Truth, one of the key tools of the O-V-UM Process, is an original movement practice which evolved out of Julia’s personal experience and her work with individuals who sought her guidance. Through a guided meditation and specific movement sequences the practice allows us to physicalize and release self-defeating beliefs buried deep within our tissues. The body is then free to become an infinitely fertile instrument of creation and an ambassador of truth.

    Double Audio CD or digital download.

    Read more about how this powerful, original Fertile Heart tool can turn self-defeating “issues in your tissues” into fertility boosting energizers.

    Fertile Heart Imagery 2 Download: The Ovum Birthing Practice in Pictures

    Conceived through more than a decade and a half of counseling, the visualizations on this 3 CD set, have helped thousands of women give birth to healthy babies, often after years of failed medical treatments. Most important, they were instrumental in turning the fertility challenges of the couples who engaged with this practice, into an opportunity to re-claim a fully fertile life regardless of circumstances. Building on the discussion, instructions, and the set of 18 sequences of the original Fertile Heart™ Imagery CD, it features 34 carefully constructed imaginal remedies. Separating the inner pictures that serve you from the ones that impede the creative force, each sequence addresses specific emotional and physical obstacles. The Imagery practice supports you in Meeting Your Child Halfway—an image at a time. 3-CD Set or digital download.

    Fertile Heart Imagery Digital Download

    This presentation offers an introduction to the Fertile Heart way of working with images as powerful tools of the Fertile Heart Ovum Program and an important part of your self-healing regimen. The sequences on this program evolved through Julia’s personal experience and through her work with the women and men in her workshops and private practice. This CD includes 18 imagery exercises. Audio CD or digital download.

    Exploring Holistic Fertility Treatment Options Digital Download

      Exploring Holistic Fertility Treatment Options An inspiring panel discussion facilitated by author, Julia Indichova. Participants include Certified Nutritionist – Mitch Peritz Herbalist – Violet Snow Homeopath – Karen Gorney Craniosacral Therapist – Tania Tarrell   “Does a holistc approach to health mean choosing acupuncture instead of in- vitro -fertilization? Or could it mean, as […]

4 Simple Steps To Your Most Fertile Self

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