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By on September 11, 2015


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Exploring Holistic Fertility Treatment Options

An inspiring panel discussion facilitated by author, Julia Indichova.

Participants include

Certified Nutritionist – Mitch Peritz

Herbalist – Violet Snow

Homeopath – Karen Gorney

Craniosacral Therapist – Tania Tarrell


“Does a holistc approach to health mean choosing acupuncture instead of in- vitro -fertilization? Or could it mean, as I and so many of my students have discovered, a choice between decisions based solely on statistics and other people’s opinions, and action based on everything we know and discover about ourselves.”
– From The Fertile Female


The ideas shared are not intended to replace the guidance of a health professional.

Each listener is expected to take full responsibility for her/his well being.


Copyright ©2001-2015 Julia Indichova and All rights reserved.

No part of this recording may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means without the permission in writing from Julia Indichova and FertileHeart™. Thank you for respecting the years of dedication that led to the creation of this program

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