Fertile Heart Imagery 2 Download: The Ovum Birthing Practice in Pictures

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Conceived through more than a decade and a half of counseling, the visualizations on this 3 CD set, have helped thousands of women give birth to healthy babies, often after years of failed medical treatments. Most important, they were instrumental in turning the fertility challenges of the couples who engaged with this practice, into an opportunity to re-claim a fully fertile life regardless of circumstances. Building on the discussion, instructions, and the set of 18 sequences of the original Fertile Heart™ Imagery CD, it features 34 carefully constructed imaginal remedies. Separating the inner pictures that serve you from the ones that impede the creative force, each sequence addresses specific emotional and physical obstacles. The Imagery practice supports you in Meeting Your Child Halfway—an image at a time. 3-CD Set or digital download.

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The Fertile Heart™ Imagery is one of the central tools of the Fertile Heart™ Ovum fertility and birthing practice (aka the I.B.O.W. practice)  a healing modality that emerged through Julia Indichova’s personal experience and through her work with hundreds of women and men in her workshops and private classes.  As implied by the title, Fertile Heart™ Imagery 2 builds on the discussion, instructions and the set of eighteen imaginal sequences of the Fertile Heart Imagery CD. The images imprinted within us are the building blocks that affect our biology, our relationships, our circumstances and overall direction of our lives. The sequences of the Fertile Heart™ Imagery program are  meant to cultivate our ability to see the not-yet-visible; to separate the pictures that serve us from the ones that impede our growth and creativity. It is a practice that gives us the extraordinary opportunity to fulfill our human task of becoming aware co-creators of the earth-community; a practice that supports us in meeting our purest, most dearly desired creations – half way.


The ideas shared are not intended to replace the guidance of a health professional.

Each listener is expected to take full responsibility for her/his well being.


Disc One:
1) The Ovum Birthing Practice in Pictures – Introduction

2) Grounded in Truth

The first seven imaginal sequences intend to clarify the OVUM practice and shift our view of the challenges we face.

3) Ovum
4) Lifting the Burden
5) Land of Haves
6) Dance of Trust
7) Transport to Truth
8) Jailbreak
9) Ladder of Light

10) Pain into Labor Pain

The next two sequences are about transforming difficult feelings (Anger, Jealousy, Grief, Shame) into a source of strength.

11) Field of Creation
12) Room of Fear

Disc Two:
1) The Human Game is a Contact Sport

The next five imaginal sequences are focused on creating a conception-friendly inner and outer environment through taking a closer look at our relationships with the people in our lives, our relationship to work and food.

2)  Cutting the Cord
3)  Gates of Love and Fulfillment
4)  Canopy of Compassion
5)  All of Me All of You
6)  Learning How to Ask

7) Issues in Your Tissues

The next five sequences are centered around specific physical impediments. They can be modified to use with anything that needs attention on a physical level. The concept of the holy human love as discussed in the Introduction and The Fertile Female makes it clear that emotional work affects biochemical and physiological changes in our bodies, and vice versa, changes in physical reality alter our feelings, and suddenly we are choosing to live a whole different story.

8)  Issues in Your Tissues
9)  Supporting  Ovulation
10)  Unblocking Fallopian Tubes
11)  Cyst Free
12)  Mirror of Truth

13) Nine Hearts

The intention of this sequence of images is to heal the pain of miscarriages, letting go of fear and receiving each emerging life as guidance toward a joyful full term pregnancy and healthy birth.

14) Healing the Heart
15) Nine Hearts
16) The First Nursery
17) It’s All Good
18) Blanket of Reasurrance

Disc Three:

The last ten sequences are centered around accessing guidance of the Ultimate Mom and around the teaching that each of us comes into the world to heal something in our family line and in the larger community of the human family.

1) Busy Being Born:  Meeting Your Child Halfway
2)  Tree of Faith and Surrender
3)  Mosaic of Revelations
4)  Fork in the Road
5)  Choosing Life
6)  Council of Babies
7)  Claiming Your Inheritance
8)  Pilgrim’s Road
9)  Palace of Truth
10)  Meeting Your Child Halfway
11) Busy Being Born
12) Conclusion


We were sitting in the office of an endocrinologist discussing the results of a handful of tests.  With two miscarriages, hope was in short supply.  After his diagnosis of a 1-5% chance of viable full term pregnancy, he offered us a box of tissues and a catalog of egg donors.
Feverishly we tried to find someone who could help, we consulted with the so-called experts, scoured the Internet. Nothing was lifting our spirits. Then one of the doctors recommended Julia’s book and we found out that she was teaching a workshop. Skeptically, we got in the car and headed to Woodstock.
I have never felt such a lack of confidence, as I did in those first few minutes of the workshop. And then Julia went to work. Methodically she led the group through a series of exercises, all the while reading the room and tailoring her approach to our specific collection of hard cases. At some point that afternoon while being led through a visualization (a very powerful tool) my life changed, and has not been the same since.
Afterward, Daryn called into the bimonthly phone circles and we both followed Julia’s guidance. At first the imagery felt forced but a couple of months later it became completely effortless. We conceived our daughter Camryn on our Independence Day vacation. Daryn  is now pregnant with our second child.”
– Matt A. Ridgefield, CT, USA
(Matt and Daryn’s story was published in News-Times, their local newspaper on May 12th , 2010)

…Each image is a message in a bottle we dispatch into the invisible world. The answer always comes. Our task is to pay attention and learn how to read it.”
–  From The Fertile Female

“After five miscarriages I felt incapable of being comforted by anyone or anything and worried about what the future may or may not bring.  But this beautiful work taught me how to trust life again and after three months of diligently practicing Fertile Heart™ Imagery and Body Truth and working with Julia, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. “
– Heather McLellan, author of Heather’s Gift: A Story of Five Miscarriages, One Friendship and Ten Thousand Miracles

“I remain forever grateful for the tools that not only helped me give birth to our incredible baby girl after years of miscarriages and failed IVF treatments, but taught me how to love myself.  I’m certain that our daughter would not be here without Fertile Heart.”
– Leslie Zarra

“For most of us, the images that control our daily lives are automatic. The programming that created them was installed  long ago. Sometimes that early programming makes us stumble through life as if we were following the posthypnotic suggestions of our worst enemy. The Fertile Heart™  Imagery Practice uses pictures the way a diviner aims a divining rod.  The right image called up at just the right time, points to the precise place where the life force tries to break through the rocks of fear.”
–  From The Fertile Female


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An experiential workshop 
recorded live and ready for viewing
with Julia Indichova author of Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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