“Over 40” Fertility Success Stories

Louise L. Boston, MA Natural Pregnancy at 44 after 3 Failed IVF, 3 Miscarriages

I am  writing to share that I am pregnant! This baby is a miracle for us. I turned 44 in May and have experienced 3 miscarriages prior to this pregnancy. We went through 3 failed IVF cycles.

This will be our first child. I wanted to thank you, Julia, for your books, the workshop and the phone circle. I think that all of it had a cumulative effect in helping me create this baby.

The workshop in particular really helped me to not give up and to believe that my “assignment” was to do the work and to believe that I could create a healthy baby. What you wrote in your books, talked about in the workshop and phone circle were like medicine for me.  Read more about Louise’s journey in Bethany Saltman’s piece, Unbelievable Hope, Julia Indichova’s Low Tech Infertility Cure

Anna H.: Pregnant with Twins Conceived Naturally after a Failed IVF at 43

Dearest Julia,

On October 31, I received the results from a pregnancy blood test, indicating that I am pregnant!!!  It is quite early, but, the results were positive. I do not know the actual level of HCG, but I have an initial appointment with my ob/gyn…With sheer love, respect, and gratitude, I share this news with you.  I am profoundly thankful for your teaching, your loving wisdom and voice — you illuminate so much for me, for all women and men –

Joy, wonder and gratitude course through my veins — causing me to feel a bit dazed!  I phoned you yesterday and left a message — forgive me for taking up space there, but I simply had to share the news with my spoken voice.  Thank you!!!Annasbabies-6 months getting pregnant over 40

I have registered and would like to participate in the Circle that begins tomorrow as I continue my Imagery and Body Truth Practice — and all of your beautiful tools.  I have much to do in our birthing work, meeting my child, having a healthy pregnancy and birth, creating a child-friendly environment, earth — and of course being an activist in our Fertile Heart sharing!!!  I will join you in this, with all of my heart!!  (Soon after this note, Anna found our that there were 2 hearts beating in her over-forty-splendidly-fertile body. Anna’s FSH was 22.1 and her AMH was less than .16. )

natural fertility program with Juia Indichova

Relina (first-time mom at 42)

Natural pregnancy after failed IVF

Dear Julia,

I am thrilled to let you know that our son arrived 2 weeks late naturally into our lives. I can’t even begin to thank you for your support and inspiration. I had 2 failed IVF’s. I remember reading Inconceivable  in one late night,  signing up for Woodstock  and attending your workshop and phone circle teleconferences… In January I found out I was pregnant naturally and during those early days remember just doing your Nine Hearts Imagery  over and over again even though I was petrified of another failure. I had to dare to dream and visualize him in my arms with a healthy heartbeat. How can I thank you enough? I have even told him during a diaper change at 3 am how I dreamt about him through your imagery CDs.

Thanks again! My best always!


P.S. My way of paying it forward is buying friends I conceivably and encouraging them to come to Woodstock for a workshop and phone circle…I just bought Inconceivable as a gift for a friend in Bombay…Your work is spreading. And then ironically, I was talking to a friend Simran whose docs in NY said can’t have children due to her high FSH and she has had 2 handsome boys with my friend in Bombay…she attended your workshop with her first husband in Woodstock 8 years ago. Your work is spreading beyond the US and America to the Indian subcontinent. Go Julia!

Lisa P.

Dear Julia, I have been meaning to write you to tell you that I became pregnant in January (how time flies!) at age 43 and after more than 2 1/2 years of trying to conceive and dealing with secondary infertility, blood clotting, and miscarriages. I now have a very healthy 16 month old boy. I attended your workshop… and I joined some of your phone calls as well….There is no doubt in my mind that these visualizations and other ideas and beliefs in your books and workshop helped me to conceive the gorgeous little boy I now have. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you want to use any of my comments or would like me to put any other support on your website, etc…please feel free or let me know.
Into Teleconference with Julia Indichova

Fertile Heart Ebook and Newsletter

Gail B. (first-time mom at 46)

Hi Julia, I attended your workshop several years ago. On January 26, I delivered a baby boy at 46 years old, a month and a half short of 47. Thank you for your workshop!!!

Leslie Zarra, New York, NY, USA (first-time mom at 42)

By the time I read your books I had six failed IVF’s and a number of miscarriages.

With every miscarriage my desperation was increasing to unbearable levels. Since the medical community offered me very little options I knew that I was going to have to make something change inside of me, but I had no idea how to do that. I’ve been in therapy for years and tried every alternative treatment but I was still stuck. The Fertile Heart tools, the workshops and your books opened a whole new way of thinking and feeling about this journey. They taught me how to gradually become my own Ultimate Mom. I don’t think that our miracle baby, Isabella, would be here today without the work I have done with you and Fertile Heart. I became a first time mom at 42 after being told I would never have a biological child.”

Comments are from Fertile Heart™ workshop participants. A number of Julia Indichova’s former clients are also available for interview. Film clips from a currently filmed documentary are available upon request.

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