Fertile Heart Chants by Julia Indichova

infertilityThe medieval poet Kabir says: “If you don’t know where your Soul is hidden, for you the world will never be real.”

The Fertile Heart chants can be powerful remedies that bring us closer to the fluid, feminine aspect of our nature, the part of us loyal to no other master than our own deepest truth.

Adapted from The Fertile Female (Adell Press, 2007). 

Bow to What Is

Bow to what is,  life is always right
fight with all your might
life will still be right
bow to what is.

Bow to what is
and the harsh turns tender
you step into splendor
if you bow to what is.

The Jailer

Crouching in the corner
my soul was waiting,
listening for the jailer’s key.

Waiting waiting, so patiently waiting
till I learned that the jailer was me.

Bedtime Story

I wanna read you a bedtime story
I wanna hold you in all your glory
I wanna chase you
To the top of the steepest slide.


Is this longing in my heart
A gift or a burden
A gift or a burden to bear?

The longing in your heart
Is a gift not a burden
The longing in your heart
Is a gift not a burden

The longing in your heart
Is a gift and a blessing

When you choose
To walk the trail of Truth.

My Not-Yet-Born Self

I’m meeting myself
My not-yet-born-Self
Walking to meet her
A step at a time

One, two
One, two, three, four

She wants to live

She wants to live
To give
all the gifts
she’s got!

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