Fertile Holidays: ‘Tis the Season for a Miracle Challenge

By on November 25, 2014


A Miracle Challenge 

‘Tis the season of giving thanks and celebrating miracles. The miracles I’m talking about don’t require religious beliefs, just a humble recognition that we may not have all the answers.

So let’s do it. Let’s start celebrating our unquestionably fertile selves through a miracle challenge.

No, not a miracle challenge asking for the Universe to deliver the next item on our wish list.

The miracle challenge I hope to initiate is about co-creating a grateful, conception-friendly space in which we  go through our days with eyes open for gifts. Large and small.  An event, encounter, feeling, an insight, a a thought,  that we choose to see through a miracle lens.

What we can also do is co-create a miracle for someone else. Do something that might feel for someone else, a loved one or a stranger, like an unexpected act of grace.

And let’s support each other by sharing our miracles right here in the comments section.

Some miracles are easy to celebrate

Recently I received some stunning pictures of newborn babies from Anna, and Summer, who, not that long ago, were part of our North American Fertility Support Teleconference. Anna conceived her twins the old-fashioned way, at 42, after a failed IVF and Summer’s baby girl came through an in-vitro cycle.

Summer with her baby girl

Summer with her baby girl

I also got an elated note from  A. in the European Visionary Moms’ group  letting me know she is pregnant after her first IVF.  Katherine, one of the  kindest, most generous members of our community,  just posted her story on the Fertile Hear Forum. She gave birth to her little girl a couple of months before her 43rd birthday, after a nearly 9 year journey. Hers was an uneventful spontaneous pregnancy.

During our last European session T. shared with everyone that she is 9 weeks pregnant.  She also conceived the old fashioned way.

Anna's babies

Anna conceived her babies the old-fashioned way at 42

This too is a miracle

And I received emails from M. who is grieving the anticipated results of her second egg donation cycle and from others  who are frustrated and fearful, wondering whether their first, or second or in some cases a third child will ever arrive.

The easy and the not so easy

The miracles that make our wishes come true are easy to celebrate.

The question is, how do we invite ourselves to view all aspects of our lives through a miracle lens?

When three big bellied mamas show up at the next holiday party and it feels as though—the  baby market closed just before we got there and the child meant for us  was handed over to one of those three lucky moms—where do we find the strength to see their pregnancies as our guiding miracles?

I’m not talking about denying the more painful feelings rising up in us; I’m inviting ourselves to use our Fertile Heart Toolkit  to turn it all–the desirable and the not so desirable, the easy and the not-so-easy–into a source of strength.

Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. Bailey930 says:

    I had a mammogram done about a week ago (my current doctor requires them) and got the results back today that I’m all clear. I was too terrified to call my doctor sooner and ask (he had the results faxed the next day) and the mailed hard copy report came to my house today. I cried (tears of relief) for half an hour.

    Definitely a miracle. And possibly a snowflake. So grateful. You see your whole life flash before you, along with all the choices you’ve made.

  2. Katy says:

    I am gearing up for our homework from last night but I had to post something to this blog as well as I discovered a miracle last night. During the work with others and talking about “having a biological child or else”. Something just really struck a cord in me. I have an orphan that is dead set on a biological child and no way in hell would I adopt. I just would not have any children if I could not have my own. However listening last night I heard the orphan as the orphan. I felt compassion for her. She is really just scared of showing the world there is a “anything wrong with her”. We must hide all that is wrong with us and pretend everything is ok. Adopting a child (to my orphan mind you) is showing the world there is something wrong with my fertility.

    I just really saw that last night! Thank you ladies who worked on this. I am not saying that adoption is my next step in the road but it is not a closed off roadway anymore. I think this is what is so great about our teleconferences. I was not actively working with Julia but I really got something out of this work with others last night. Thank you!

  3. Openhearted says:

    Miracle from this week. I have reread the Celestial Gravity chapter and I came to the Wrestling out loud with God. I was wrestling with always feeling fear, worrying about what others think, and continue to wait on our child. I found after how much lighter I felt like I could say this out loud and did not need to keep it in. It helped me shift to talking more freely about the feelings I was wrestling with to my spouse.

    I tend to bottle things up and try to rationally deal with them in my head and not include anyone else as if no one would understand. My spouse will often say what is the matter something is bothering you I tend to say nothing unless it is something big.

    Through all this I had a shift of I will continue to work with my orphans that pop up and that having a child will not change this. I have always known this but I felt something shift at a deeper level.

    Loving the self realization thanks!

  4. Katy says:

    I just re read Celestial Gravity. I practiced the “wrestling with god” exercise on new years eve. I went into an empty bedroom that is adjacent to my bedroom. It has been empty since we moved into this house 3 years ago. I always thought we would put our child in this bedroom. It is large and spacious and just an all around great room for a kid to grow up in. I walked in and said out loud – God this room is for my child! I am losing ground on my patience. I am sick of passing this empty room everyday – all I see are boxes and things we have left unpacked since we have moved in! Help me for pete’s sake!” I was feeling very abandoned.

    But then I love the quote “if we could only trust that it is bound to happen if we keep our arms open to receive and dont stop until we feel the weight of the baby against our chest”. It’s strange b/c of all the heartache and length of time I have been waiting somewhere deep inside of me I do believe my baby is on the way. I have felt that baby for awhile out there but maybe getting closer the more I am able to reveal and heal. The revealing part is always a bit hard for me – but I have found in the last few sessions that once that happens the healing part feels very good!

    • I wonder what’s in those boxes. I know I have some boxes to unpack. Thank you for the reminder, Katy. It’s very exciting for me as a Teacher, when someone actually takes me up on a homework. I wonder if Life gives us homework and then gets excited when we follow through.

  5. CristyME says:

    My small miracle which happened last night as I was getting ready to start my OVUM practice. I thought I clicked on the imagery exercise which I had been doing for the past week and a different exercise came on. It was “Healing the Heart” and I thought to myself this is the medicine I need at this very moment, thank you UM. Two months ago I took a home pregnancy test and got my first positive since trying to conceive my second child in almost three years. However the very following day I spontaneously miscarried and got my period. I felt such disappointment but also hope that something is shifting and I am walking closer to my child. Now two months later I realize that perhaps I haven’t really let those feelings rise up and allowed for true healing. This blog has helped me realize this. Thank you Julia


  6. zoe says:

    My miracle is that I am so grateful to Julia and the Fertile Heart Body Truth. Thank you, Julia!! It is amazing how much my pinched nerve in my shoulder and my anger orphan healed by doing Body Truth and Imagery. Currently I took your suggestion Julia from the last Visionary Mom teleconference to add using a Star Wars light saber. It really feels great and liberating. In addition, a little snowflake happened before the holidays where I opened an old email almost not pay attention to where I clicked. I love it because it is a great reminder everyday that we can only change how we react and that we can’t change others unless they want to change.
    People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
    If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
    If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.
    If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.
    What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.
    If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
    The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.
    Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.
    In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.
    -this version is credited to Mother Teresa

  7. FindingFaith21 says:

    My miracle this holiday season is thanks to a radio station. This lady called in to talk about how her mom took her to the local dime store when she was a child about 50 years ago to buy a nativity scene. The little girl was so excited! She took her time picking out the perfect Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, etc. But when it came time to get the animals, the girl was torn between getting a camel for the manger scene or a dog. Her mother told her she had just enough money for one more figure. So instead of having a fit and screaming because she couldn’t get both, the girl chose the dog and was thrilled she got it. Every year, she puts that nativity scene out, and every year she looks at the bottom of the dog. There, a 10-cent sticker still rests. She remembers how her mom had just enough money for that one last figure, and how happy the little girl was to get what she got. The now-grown-up lady said on the radio that that nativity, and the dog in particular, reminds her to be happy for what she has, not what she could have had.

    That is my biggest struggle lately. I look at everyone–pregnant, with more than two kids, with a bigger house, with two alive and healthy parents, etc. etc.–and I am filled with despair and longing and grief. But if I see what I DO have, and not just what I could have had but don’t, life doesn’t look as ugly and scary.

    So my miracle is this nameless lady from some other part of the country calling in to a late-night radio show, giving me some hope in this dark time.

    • Lori says:

      Beautiful story FF and so true! It is so much easier for us to see what’s missing instead of what’s in front of us. That woman probably is rich in many blessings for being able to learn that lesson so young.

  8. Katy says:

    My miracle is finally really working with an orphan who is really scared to engage or show all of myself to people “out there”. I am using my FH tools and continue to work with her. I am not comfortable as of yet sharing but I am doing it without wanting to run for the hills. While working with this orphan I have had two really great teleconference sessions and now I book just fell in my lap that I think is diving timing from the UM. It is called: Expecting Adam: A true story of birth, rebirth and everyday.

    It was written by a very ambitious harvard grad who found out mid pregnancy she was carrying a baby with down syndrome and the gifts she received from this baby. In the first chapter she said she received a message saying: “You will never be hurt as much by being open as you have been hurt by remaining closed.” That sentence jumped out at me – my little miracle for my orphan. It is a wonderful read. I only received a sample of the book but now I will be gifting this book to myself for this holiday season.

    • It was great to work with you on those two calls, Katy. I love Expecting Adam and love the quote you discovered. Thanks so much for sharing this and for…engaging. Happy New Year!

    • FindingFaith21 says:

      Love that quote, too, Katy! I will be checking out that book as well.

    • Lori says:

      Sounds like a beautiful book Katy and love the quote. It’s so hard to be open but when we are we feel so free and enlightened.

    • CristyME says:

      Hi Katy,

      Thanks for sharing this miracle. I share in this struggle often having difficulty with opening up and allowing myself to be vulnerable. Thank you for sharing this reference. I will also look for this book.

      Happy New Year!


      • Katy says:

        Thank you FF21, Lori and Cristy! I just finished the book! It look me like 24hrs to blow through it. It is so so good. I highly recommend it. Happy New Year to all!

  9. Openhearted says:

    Miracle of the day. I have been down and out the past few days wondering how I can feel so much hope in this journey but then feel totally deflated some days. I had a daily devotional pop into my box in regards to Mary and how she was told she would have a baby and she said Let it be with me as you say (paraphrasing). She had so much trust never wavering. Right now I am longing for that trust! The feeling to know I am moving in the right direction and not second guess myself when a roller coaster day hits. Well the devotion goes on to say in the dictionary you find trust and hope used together!
    Here is the thing I have so much hope but I am lacking in the trust category! Epiphany!
    Going to work with my trusting orphan!

    • Lori says:

      I don’t think any one of us lacks in the hope department.. It may waver at times, but it’s always theres. Yes, the trust is so hard. I agree with you, why is it so strong on some days and on others nonexistent? Beautiful story to connect with our journey :)

  10. Katy says:

    I went to see my dentist today just for a straight up cleaning. There was a new dental hygienist there and she was reading my medications and she asked if I was still taking prenatal vitamins. I told her yes and she just half mentioned to make sure my vitamin D was ok b/c that could effect pregnancy. Then she said “well when you have your baby just know that now pediatric dentists like to see babies after one year..not to do anything but just to check the mouth to make sure everything is growing ok.” THEN she went into how I would need to wipe my baby’s teeth off during the first year but not brush them. on and on she went on how to care for my FUTURE baby’s teeth. I did tell her at the beginning I was not pregnant but we were trying.

    There was just something so normal discussing what to do WHEN I have my baby not IF. It felt so surreal and awesome and just so visual for me to see myself taking care of my baby’s teeth etc and all the other pointers she was giving me. I thank her now for that miracle. To look at that as not just a possibility but as what I need to do WHEN it happens! It was really wonderful for my holy human loaf!

    • Yes, yes, yes, Katy, not if but when you have your baby, nice images to invite, taking care of the baby’s teeth. Lovely!

    • MiracleHope says:

      Ahhh Katy, thank you so much for this. Now I will add these images to my imagery. I never get what exactly to do with the baby other than holding, breast feeding. May be I should add, diaper cleaning, teeth cleaning, nails cleaning images. I am going to visit my nephew who is 5 month old….my darling baby. I am not going to leave him a bit and get all the baby power from him. That’s my vision for this holiday season :)

    • Lori says:

      Katy – how awesome to have others speak in the “when” not “what if” .. we could take a lesson from them!

  11. Liz1 says:

    I’m feeling grateful for our teleconference on Monday. I’d been having trouble doing the Body Truth exercise The Orphans as I didn’t know how to express myself with sounds! I got the chance to experiment with making sounds on the call, and I felt so liberated after! Since then my boyfriend has commented that I’ve got noisier at home haha.
    Thanks Julia, much appreciated x

  12. Eva says:

    Hi everyone,

    my week has been filled with real exchanges with children, but to name a few – I taught a boy on the subway to snap his fingers, I helped a woman with her baby carriage with an Ethiopian girl who was adopted by her parents. Her face would shine when I said Ethiopia, she was about 1,5 years old. I used to be afraid of children, but that seems to be no longer true..I enjoy being around them and it feels wonderful. Another miracle is that my husband’s six month check up after chemotherapy showed good results. Although his sperm has not recovered yet, we are hoping it may in the future. In the meantime, I am so grateful.


  13. Lori says:

    Today my miracle is that I just spoke w/the local adoption agency to fill a child’s wish list for Christmas. While my orphans struggle daily to accept adoption as an option to be a mother, I am thrilled that I can shop for a child this year and give him/her something they may not have otherwise gotten. Maybe this will be a first step to opening my heart up and realizing that biological isn’t the underlying goal, but motherhood is. I am really excited to shop for this child!!

  14. Ruth Hegarty says:

    On the day that Julia posted this, a message arrived from my sister that went straight to my heart. It felt like something of a miracle.

    As Julia rightly says though, the curve balls are harder to see through a miracle lense. During the last teleconference I had a real lesson in the difference between force (hurting yourself) and perseverance. This has helped me to find a way of picturing what has been happening inside emotionally for me. I have adopted and am looking after an important orphan, who up until now has been running the show somewhat (Fear).

    The miracle for me is realizing how deep this work goes, and how it extends to all areas of my life. How I exist in the world and go about my days.

  15. Bailey930 says:

    Small to Medium sized miracle that reminded me how far I have come. Last year, I had wanted to go to my work Christmas party very badly. I came this close and ended up leaving in tears, because my group of friends (unintentionally ) went down before me and I didn’t have it in me to go down myself. Fast forward a year, I have found more of my mojo back and I not only brought my husband to the party, I dressed up in a killer dress, and led the charge down to the party. And had a ball. Little reminder of had far I’ve come and how much more fragile I was last year.

  16. dmama says:

    Thank you Julia for creating a blog about miracles! I have been thinking SO much about miracles for the past few months. After struggling to conceive for 3 years including 3 failed IVFs, 4 failed IUIs, and being told I needed to do egg donation or adoption if I wanted to grow my family, this summer I got pregnant the natural way–with identical twins. Needless to say, this felt like an incredible miracle. I wanted to write in and share the news, especially after having been a part of the visionary phone circles for a while, but I was just so worried that something would go wrong–so I waited to pass a few milestones in the pregnancy. After the last milestone that I was waiting to pass and so fearful that I would get bad news, I was planning on sharing my miracles. Then, my orphan fears that were waiting for bad news (since how could things possibly work out for me) were proven true and we learned that our twins had a rare condition that effected identicals and that placed both of their lives in danger. This led to an incredible roller coaster of decisions, trying to find a way to save our babies, and an intense rush of emotions. My orphans chastised me for thinking things could be ok and for telling family and friends that we were expecting twins. After a crazy two weeks, we tried the best method possible to save our babies and now I am just waiting to see if it worked. My miracle action is that I am working really hard to forget all the numbers I have been fed and the percentages of survival and the lists of all the things that could go wrong, and just spending my days resting, (working), and telling my babies that they are miracle babies and they can fight past their challenge, and live. I am trying to be the visionary and help my babies physically and emotionally and convey to them that there is a greater force guiding them that created them in the first place–I guess my miracle action at the moment is directed at them. But, I must be honest, I can write this while waiting in a place where I have hope (I can’t even envision how I will feel and react if that hope is shattered next week with bad news). Truly hoping that I can continue to live in a place of miracles, and I wish that for all the other fertile mamas too–you are always so inspirational.

    • Dear D. Sending you and the babies much love. I know this calls for a huge dose of faith, but your babies have their own destinies and they’ve come to heal. They are a miracle regardless of how things unfold. You might find the Nine Hearts Section on Imagery 2 soothing and perhaps even the Celestial Gravity of The Fertile Female might be helpful at this challenging time. Above all, be kind to the Orphans that are showing up, and see them for who they are. Feel free to call in anytime, if you need us to support you in real time.

      • dmama says:

        Julia, thank you so much for your support and guidance. You and your work have been such an incredibly important part of what helped me get pregnant and it means so much to feel that same support at this time.

    • MiracleHope says:

      Dear Dmama
      Lots of strong prayers your way !! A big virtual hug to you and the miracle babies !

    • Lori says:

      Dmama– lots of love to you and your little blessings!!

  17. pineapple says:

    The other day I had an ‘ah ha’ moment. Listening to the radio was a conversation about success and the various guests articulately and relevantly announced their idea of what had made them a success in life. All of them quite sensible and alluring but not as beautiful as the writer/musician, his revelation, “not be at war with himself” – it felt so fertile hearted.

  18. MiracleHope says:

    My miracle today:
    I was engaged in a conversation with 2 of my colleagues on age taboos and the discussion was centered around age and fertility/pregnancy that once you hit 35, chances of pregnancy are slim and if one gets pregnant then its a high risk pregnancy (not knowing my age). What a topic?? And that too with me? Ideally my most sensitive topic and this was during lunch with 10 other folks (of course others were involved in their discussion). But I stood up, announced my age and said lets not jump to conclusions and not even discuss further. Now as I think there was an orphan element, as I could have handled it a little better, but still I took it so sportively, and confidently argued that it wasn’t correct and not to discuss any further and said this is a taboo now.
    I can’t even think I could have done that 6mon back.

  19. AnnabelL says:

    I’ve been reflecting on all the miracles that have come my way in life, big and small, and, almost without exception, what I’ve realised is that the ‘miracle’ has happened when I’ve let go of gripping so tightly to wanting something and feeling desperate about having to have it. It doesn’t mean I’ve stopped wanting, but I’ve wanted from a softer, gentler place, a place where I was fundamentally ok with things as they were, and not wanting as if my life depended on getting whatever it was.

    A really small example was last week, when I was trying to get on the phone circle with Julia and I realised I didn’t have the dial in code. At first I got frustrated & a bit upset as I really didn’t want to miss the call. I sent an email to fertile heart (not expecting to get a reply as the call had already started) just on the off chance that someone might get back to me. By then I’d reminded myself that it wasn’t the end of the world if I missed the circle, and I got on with answering all my emails and then, not even five minutes later (just as I’m fully immersed in my own stuff), a response came back with all the info I needed.

  20. Vee says:

    A couple of miracles relating to this practice. I recently came across a youtube post on hormone balance and it gave me the next visionary step. I think that gave me the strength and without a single doubt, look that way and say that the “infertility” road in the Sacred Choices imagery was NOT ME. I’ve never had that solid experienced before.

  21. Tanya says:

    My miracle is this I set an intention to surrender during my recent IVF–to let go and surrender to the process, to the emotions, to whatever came my way. For the most part, I did this. Although, it was a roller coaster at times, I still felt at peace throughout most of it. I still can’t believe it!

    • MiracleHope says:

      Hi Tanya
      I wish you good luck !!
      And I am in the same boat related to surrender. I am tired of my chess master orphan, contingency planning orphan. I want to live & bow to what is & really want to let loose of my control orphan, which is so subtlely hiding & running the show. The other miracle during the last night’s call was all about danger, fear, commitment. It really felt amazing as that’s exactly what I am wrestling with, not just in baby journey but in other areas of my life. I could see how I have let loose the commitment in my life so easily, as I felt I am playing safe in all aspects of my life. So I am all set to challenge myself in various aspects of life. I am really tired of my tardy behavior. Yday’s call took me to the next level. Thank You Julia for hitting the most wanted topic!

      • Thank you for letting me know that last night’s topic hit the spot for you. I’m so glad. And thank YOU MH for your courage to stay connected, to stay in the game. You are a generous soul. I hope you’ll keep growing more and more generous with yourself. For many of us, that’s the toughest challenge.

      • Tanya says:

        Hi MiracleHope! Thanks for responding. Ooh yes, I know that chess master/contingency orphan so well. I’m glad to have a buddy in the quest for surrendering! May we both succeed in this.

        I, too, felt that the topics of Monday’s call hit the spot. For me the one that really drove it home was the fear of truly engaging. This is not my strong point — it’s really scary! I’m hoping to find the courage to work on this in the coming weeks.

  22. Frida says:

    My latest miracle is that the next Friday monthly sales conference was cancelled. I am in the middle of a natural IVF and the forecasted day for egg retrieval is this Friday. Missing from this conference would have been a big issue; I was already on my way for building a scenario on how to “escape” from this action (held 400 km away from my home) and follow my priorities, when I got a meeting cancellation request (never happened before). I do believe in miracles :)


  23. Lori says:

    Ok, now that it’s working..

    My miracle yesterday was that while at my dentist’s office I saw someone I haven’t seen in years and wasn’t expecting to see. We were talking about dating and she asked if she could put me in her prayer petition to find my perfect future spouse. Normally, I would have said it wasn’t necessary, thinking it was a bogus idea or not liking the attention. However, I graciously accepted and thought, “wow. this is a miracle for someone to really be compassionate about my story and want to pray for me. “

  24. Lori says:

    Just testing to see if my posts are working.

  25. MiracleHope says:

    My miracle today is that my husband joined me in doing riding the current of creation meditation. I just asked him once and he sincerely got the laptop and started with me. I was very surprised, seeing him making sounds …..truly a miracle :)

  26. Bailey930 says:

    My latest miracle is that I think I have finally gotten to a place where I am less “reactionary” to both good and bad news. Kind of like the farmer in the fable In Julia’s Fertile Female book. Instead of being on the roller coaster, I’m like….ok, maybe.

  27. Sofi says:

    I have been thinking a lot about this miracle challenge since our call before Thanksgiving and then reading the blog and all the responses. I am starting to recognize that there are miracles happening all the time if I just open my eyes to them. A recent one is one of my cats, who was very sick in October to the point that the vet was talking about putting her down. We found a specialty clinic that treated her during the crisis and she has made a great recovery. She is turning 15 this month, and has a great spirit and will to live. I think of her as training for a child, keeping up with her medications and making sure she is doing what she needs to do. I am very grateful for the new vet and seeing her do so much better. The other miracle is that I recently had Day 21 and Day 3 hormone tests done, the first since starting Fertile Heart. My AMH was now low when it previously was undetectable and FSH is moderate to high, meaning it has come down. While the doctor still said pregnancy was unlikely, I feel like it was a miracle to see any change in these numbers. And my reaction was also a miracle, I wasn’t upset at all by what the doctor said, as I had heard this before and expected it. I was so relieved to see any small improvement in the numbers, and that gives me the encouragement I need to go deeper into the practice. So I agree with all who said that the Fertile Heart practice is also a miracle to me, coming into my life when I was told I had no other options. I am grateful to have this practice and to be part of this community.

  28. RubyJ says:

    Another miracle for me in recent months is the new and deepening friendships with women in my life right now. They are so encouraging to me. I am grateful for these wonderful women. And I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Fertile Heart community and learn from the other women in the phone circle.

  29. Katy says:

    Another miracle this past week. I saw a new RE. My main question is do I have some sort of luteal phase defect? She looked through all my records and gave a lovely “recount” of my story. My husband and I were sitting there like we already know all of this. Since I do not have any abnormal levels last check she did say I am a “poor responder” and advanced maternal age. She offered possibly 2 more IUIs or an IVF with a 3 month prep of DHEA.

    As soon as she says DHEA I immediately think of fertile heart and just knew there was an article on there about it. I told myself I would need to read that article and educate myself a bit more about it. I asked my RE what she thought about life style and relaxation as additions for egg health. She gave me a blasé answer about it. Anyways my husband and I walked away. We want a baby. We really really want a baby. We want to have a baby together. However after months of being connected to the Fertile Heart tools I do not feel so desperate that I have to sign on the dotted line and HURRY UP and get treated now while I have a few eggs left. I am grateful for that. Even though we really really want a baby…I feel like taking the next month to mabye use sacred choices and make a choice of my path to my baby that way. That is my miracle. I feel sad and scared and unsure if I will ever have a child but I feel good that I have tools that will help me decide with a visionary heart. thank you fertile heart

  30. Eva says:

    Today, I had a terrifying dream when I saw myself on a wheelchair, and when I woke up I realized that I had taken in my mother’s fear from when she was expecting me. The family story goes that after a really difficult labour with my brother, the doctors told my mother she should avoid another pregnancy if she doesn’t want to end up in a wheelchair. (!!! the argument was about her back not being able to withstand another birth..) However, five years later I arrived. My parents said they wanted a girl. Recently, my mother mentioned that my birth was super easy, I simply popped out! And, the wheelchair wasn’t necessary… I realize that the dream is a way to heal from that fear that’s not mine, it was my mother’s and I am learning to separate myself from it. I was able to realize this through the ‘womb with a view’ imagery (Body Truth). When I woke up this morning, I had an urge to draw, so I took a pencil and expected I’d draw a picture of myself in a wheelchair, but instead, my hand drew a picture of an embryo with its cord, resting amidst a placenta in a beautiful naked female body – it felt like it was me – and my hand was touching my belly. The feeling I have is that I have everything I need, and so did the baby inside me.

  31. A. says:

    As mentioned in Julia’s blog, I am pregnant. But since it happened the orphans showed up with the new intense energy.
    I am so thankful for our call on Monday, all your stories, and posts. I am thankful for Julia’s words to allow what is.
    My miracle this week is letting go, allowing what is, with no agenda. I really enjoy “all is good” and “mirror of truth”, sleeping and resting, I am. I am pregnant. Being myself, embracing my pregnancy with kindness is my miracle that seemed so far away few days ago.

    • Eva says:

      Dear A., I was so touched by your dream about seeing yourself pregnant through a mirror, but inaccessible. Soon after you are pregnant, how wonderful is that! Something you saw was out of reach is there now and you became the image. A bit like Alice in Wonderland. Our circle this week was a real gift and my way of allowing is to receive that I have everything I need. Congrats!

  32. RubyJ says:

    I’m seeing miracles in the shifts in my mind. I am sometimes able to really engage with the imagery exercises now. I am using Field of Creation. I am able to work with an angry orphan and one who feels bitter toward her parents. The imagery and body truth also helped me through a few weeks of depression. I think it helped to really let myself feel that depressed feeling at least once a day within the structure of Body Truth or an imagery exercise.
    Thank you for the guidance from the last call Julia. I started using Welcome Home Body Truth every evening. I needed some guidance on Body Truth. I wasn’t quite sure how to engage with it and couldn’t decide which one to try. I like using that same one every night consistently.
    Sometimes progress seems slow, but I keep trying.
    Thanks to everyone else for their posts and sharing. It helps to hear about the similar struggles we each have to practice regularly. But then be inspired by the results that people are realizing from their practice. That is a miracle and I am grateful too for this practice that is adding snowflakes to my branch. I want healing so much!
    Looking for joy and finding glimpses of it.
    With love,

  33. AnnabelL says:

    My little miracle from the weekend is that recently I’ve been working with my jealous orphans (using Field of Creation & Busy being Born) the last week or so, as I realised they’ve been pretty loud recently. Plus I’ve also had a couple of dreams (which I’ve not had before) where I am terrified of giving birth. So I’ve also been using the Body Truth Womb with A View, which I’ve found really helpful for that. Anyway, on Saturday my husband and I go and have lunch in the cafe at the local yoga centre, which we quite regularly do on a weekend and usually it’s not very busy. But that day the cafe was jammed full of pregnant women and their partners – it turned out that the centre was running a hypno-birthing course. This encounter felt like a miracle to me as not only was I able to sit there and eat my lunch and feel quite at peace (rather than envious) surrounded by all these pregnant women, but also felt like a real gift to be presented with this very beautiful and peaceful approach to childbirth just when it was something I’d become quite fearful about.

    • Eva says:

      Annabelle, this is so touching, to be surrounded with all the pregnant women who came there to ease their image of birth! How empowering! My miracle was that I gave money to Planned Parenthood after being stopped on the street. At first, this may seem counterintuitive, but it makes sense to me to support women in their choices whatever they may be. In the evening, when I saw my husband, he said he was stopped by them too that day.

  34. Paola says:

    The miracle I have experienced in these last years, better in these last months, is that I can always reach a safe space inside of me. Over there, I can stay in touch, not only with my Orphans – indeed I have been invaded by them all my life – but also with my Visionary. I’m learning how to nourish her and how to believe in her actions. Only 3 months ago I began to see and embrace my longing to give Birth to a baby and I was able to overcome the fear of suffering again. My body-mind is expressing a strong need to give Birth and that’s a miracle to me, even if sometimes I live difficult days…

    Thanks all of you


  35. FindingFaith21 says:

    My miracle today is this group. As much as I feel down, upset, frustrated and depressed, I still find myself on this message board and the forums. I normally would go away and just isolate, but there is something here that keeps me from doing that. It sort of angers a few of my more stubborn orphans, too. So while a large part of me just wants to give up this uphill battle that seems to be leading nowhere, there is obviously another part of me, even if it’s tiny, that won’t let me quit. Because I keep logging on and grasping at the hands of this sisterhood.

  36. zoe says:

    I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to Julia and her work of Body Truth and Imagery and this recent blog of how do we invite ourselves to view all aspects of our lives through a miracle lens. I am so grateful I found her and her work. In August during a Fertility Support Series For Visionary Moms-To-Be North America with Julia’s assistance I was able for the first time to identify my anger orphan and heaped over orphan in the Field of Creation Imagery and move them to the right side where they were protected by the white color that I saw. I saw my visionary self as wearing a bordeaux dress and that was my only glimpse of my visionary. I write this because since then I am consistently healing.

    Since the teleconference in early August I really tried to concentrate on working through my anger. I was experiencing a pinched nerve in my neck, shoulder and tinnitus in my ear that was definitely stress related due to four miscarriages in five years. The pain and ringing in my ear was overbearing days on end. I had pain, pins and needles, and tingling on my whole left side and head. I was told during an acupuncture session in August that it was my liver meridian that was causing this. I looked up liver meridian which stated the cause can be pent up anger and resentment.

    At that time I was on vacation and was reading Inconceivable where Laura, from Nyack, New York was using herbs to help with fertility. At the same time I received Julia’s newsletter that was mentioning about herbs. I read up on oat straw and nettle tea. The more I read about oat straw I discovered that it is not only a fertility tea, but also a nervine tea. Nervine teas help to calm and soothe the nervous system. When I looked up nervine teas I found that jasmine tea and lemon balm also help to calm the body and nervous system. Every day I would drink jasmine tea and roobios tea. I would alternate the nettle tea and oat straw tea right before going to sleep (as Julia mentioned in the September 22nd Visionary Mom teleconference). I also included Green Lemonade Cleansing cocktail, wheatgrass and royal jelly in the morning. I also made nervine juices with fresh vegetables and fruits which I looked up for recipes. My husband and I also incorporate more alkaline foods in our meals. I found drinking the oat straw helped me relax and sleep better. I bought a tea thermos from Teavana and made roobios tea to take to work which helped make the day less stressful. These teas really worked to calm me down and helped me have a calmer day.

    The hardest part was to calm the physical and mental part of this pinched nerve and all my other discomforts. It was a reminder and a catalyst each day that it was something I need to attended to and care for. My body was screaming to be healed. Everyday I was taking myself by the hand and on some days I felt I was taking two steps backwards but I consistently kept at it because my body was screaming to be healed. There were definitely “issues in my tissues.”

    Doing Body Truth CD every morning made all the difference. I did Welcome Home, You are Defended, Elbows First, Wailing Wall each morning consistently every morning and really worked through that anger. I really, really let the emotions out with tears and physical movements that got to the core of the pain. Some days I felt I was getting better and others back to square one. Each day when I woke I made a commitment to do them everyday. I also went to reflexology and they worked on my liver meridian and I drank my teas everyday. I really focused on listening to my body and went to reflexology once a week for three weeks. With my imagery in October I included Issues in Your Tissues. Whenever I was feeling the pain I applied this imagery, i.e: neck, shoulder, ear. As I listened to the Ovulation, Fallopian Tube and Cyst Free imageries I realized that I could also apply these imageries to any area I was feeling pain. I applied the Ovulation imagery to my upper body, fallopian tubes to my Eustachian tubes in my ears and Cyst Free to my shoulders, neck, and sinuses. Throughout the month of October I consistently did them and now in November it feels like a miracle. I am in charge of controlling the pain with these daily Fertile Heart Tools. I also included the Gratitude imagery. This imagery grounds me. Years ago when I was in physical therapy for my pinched nerve they gave me a roller where I would lie down and open my arms away from my chest and stretch as far as I could. Every morning I included this in my regimen.

    I am also referencing to the The Fertile Female chapters: “Issues in Your Tissues”, “Snowflakes”, “Ally in the Cupboard” and “Clean The Refrigerator”, and “Fishing with The Yogis” in Inconceivable. There is so much information in these chapters that helps my healing.

    Thank you, Julia. I realized that concentrating on healing myself I find clarity. I was in a state of hostility, anger and confusion. I feel so much more focused and better now than I did in July. My husband is also benefiting by taking better care of himself by sleep earlier, drinking the Green Lemonade Cleansing cocktail, and watching what he eats. We are really blessed to have found you and all the resources and people around us. Every time I feel like giving up it is like in the chapters “Snowflakes” in The Fertile Female and “Fishing With The Yogis” in Inconceivable. A little window opens. A true blessing that there are so many people to help me through this journey. I truly value your commitment for each of us to use “The Power Vested In Us.” I learned that it is truly through consistent practice and a commitment to following through that healing can be achieved. I am so grateful for this miracle.

    • MiracleHope says:

      Dear Zoe
      Your post is so amazing !
      For past 1wk-10day I am struggling to concentrate. I have this urge to turn it around, but not getting how to turn it around.
      I got good pointers from your post. Thank you for this miraculous post !

  37. Heather says:

    I think I forget that miracles can come in all sizes and shapes, in all forms. Last night as I was driving to my ( first) Thanksgiving dinner I reflected on last year when I went to my mom’s house and left in utter misery.

    Last year I had this awful feeling that I would never have a family of my own and that I would always be that aunt that the family would drag out of a cat filled home on the holidays out of obligation.

    This year I had two dinners to attend. One with my family and one with Brian’s family. I drove away exhausted but elated that my family circle had grown by so much.

    Another miracle is finding someone who doesn’t blink when I say today I am going to hypnotherapy, tomorrow is Mayan abdominal massage time, Saturday is acupuncture, this is the 2 pounds of herbal tea I ordered, I need to you to start taking a huge bio omega supplement etc. I love that I have so many wonderful people who surround me with love and support.

    I think my biggest miracle is my wonderful circle of FH friends, most especially the lovely Lori, who can answer her phone and simply know by my tone what is going on in my head. I feel blessed to be surrounded by all the ladies.

    • MiracleHope says:

      Dear Heather
      I was filled with smiles and felt very happy as I read your miracle journey from last thanksgiving to this year !!
      It is indeed a miracle to have supporting partners and I would really like to THANK GOD for giving me such understanding husband. Our bond truly became stronger due to our baby journey in ways unimaginable.

  38. pineapple says:

    There is so much warmth to be felt from these blogs – miracles can so easily blend in and remain hidden. We are miraculous, all of us, we are learning to be part of a bigger picture, a community, one of sharing and accepting, loving and giving, I don’t think I really understood what that meant until now.

  39. Bailey930 says:

    Ok, taking a deep breath before of unleash this thanksgiving miracle. As I have mentioned on some of my forum posts, I have been struggling with a while gaggle of orphans (angry, jealous, entitlement, embarrassed…or maybe all those rolled into one big orphan) surrounding a certain pregnant person coming to my house for thanksgiving. And I have been struggling with how to turn it around and draw energy from the situation, rather than letting it deplete me. (Easier said than done). Well today I decided to go out and buy them a congrats on your growing miracle card. Enough. Enough of the stomping. We may not be elated, but we can do this small act of kindness. So that is my (hard fought) miracle. Baby steps. Literally. And giving myself a good dose of compassion tomorrow.

  40. Robin says:

    For me, a miracle was, on the phone circle this week. I was feeling a lot of emotion and Julia, you said “breathe”. I thought I couldn’t breathe, but finally I could. So my miracle is maybe whatever situation I find myself and whatever the emotion, I can here Julia’s voice saying “breathe”. The other miracle for me was hearing we’ve already a miracle because we were born and get to play the human game. Thank you so much, Julia!

    • Bailey930 says:

      Great thoughts Robin. I was just saying to my husband the other day that it’s a miracle any of us are born. Considering the sequence if events that needs to happen, it really truly is incredible when you think about it.

  41. Lori says:

    So beautiful to see Anna’s twins!! And Summer’s beautiful daughter! For M., A., and T., wonderful news and good news to come! As I said on another post my miracle is truly Fertile Heart and all of the support I have found with Julia and all of these women I think of as a sisterhood. A sisterhood with love, support, non-judgement and understanding. This past year with FH and the OVUM tools I have been able to birth myself over and over ! With the last phone circle an image came to mind during our imagery together. It was an image I’ve never had before and it’s also led to some dreams that are telling me I have an orphan to work with. This is an orphan I really , really don’t want to acknowledge but my miracle is that I’ve learned if I don’t give her attention she is not going to leave my side.

  42. Katy says:

    I think my miracle from my baby is realizing part of me feeling so low is I continue to put alot of pressure on myself to be pregnant by xx date or before next xx bday. I think I said this in the workshop too? Silly me needing to learn the same lesson over. However I do have an O who thinks she is running the show and all other Os are telling her to eff off. I am embracing this miracle to allow myself to release accupuncture, I really don’t think I need it anymore. I think more than anything I need a massage over accupuncture. Something to allow me to chill out. I am turning 40 today as well so this miracle is timely in helping me to see I am a fertile mama no matter what age. I am using now “lifting the burden” which is sorely needed. Thank you for this beautiful challenge Julia!

  43. Bailey930 says:

    Thanks Julia for this beautiful blog and again challenging us all to see things differently. I too had a miracle come through in the imagery we did on the phone circle the other night. When we got to the orphan, I saw an 11 year old version of myself in a green dress and pigtails, holding a parakeet cage (used to have birds) that on the surface looked very smiley (with a missing tooth) and happy and not orphan like at all. However, upon closer reflection, there was an intense internal loneliness from being an only child and wanting a sister. A lonely orphan. And my miracle was to realize that having this child, for me, is about healing that lonely part of myself and no longer being and only child (if that makes any sense). And having blood family. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring why I used to say that I was terrified of kids (making people think I didn’t want them) and also the “wrong” reasons about why I now want to have one (to make my in laws and dad happy, to fit in others with kids, etc). And the only solid reason that feels right as to where the longing emanates from is that I want/need blood family and don’t want to be an only child anymore. So to be able to realize and clearly articulate that is a miracle.

  44. FindingFaith21 says:

    How I needed this! I have always struggled with counting my blessings for fear that if I shined light on what I loved most, it would be taken from me because I was undeserving of it. But I’m working to change that. My dad always told me that you find what you look for in life. So now I’m going to be looking for more miracles. I loved loved loved what you said last night, Julia: everything is a miracle or nothing is. When looked at through that lens, life is nothing short of amazing on every level. It is so very, very easy for me to fall down the slippery slope of believing that nothing is a miracle, doom and gloom, fear of everything, I don’t fit in, etc. That is my default setting. So I hope by using this month to embark on your miracle challenge, I will change the channel.

    So that’s my miracle—the fact I can see past the fear and sense of being undeserving, and instead know I have a way around it using this miracle light. Sort of a candle in the darkness to help me find my way.

    Thanks for this post, Julia, You know I like a good challenge, especially when it’s tough for me. :-)

  45. MiracleHope says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post Julia !! I felt like several of my Qs were answered. I wanted to turn it around and didn’t know how and here I have an answer that I need to give more thought as to how do I start.
    I am soo excited to see Summer’s baby and Anna’s twins. I distinctly remember Anna’s voice during our calls and in fact she is one of them who comes in my circle of protection :) I was just waiting to see what could be this miracle post and its absolutely miraculous to hear about not just these 2 fertile mamas, but Katherine71 mama who also posted TODAY about the arrival of her baby after 9 long yrs of trying. Her post was named – “The baby does meets us halfway”. How beautiful and soothing and inspiring to read that title !
    She described that beautiful orphan who plans every move meticulously, the CHESS MASTER orphan, the one that I kind of mentioned as the one who is afraid of unknown, because the master wants all her master strokes to be ready and she freaks out if she has no clarity. She gave me the clarity about my orphan and I am absolutely in love with this orphan now – How else can I thank her and the timing of the post and this blog – Its a HUGE Miracle in itself :)

  46. Openhearted says:

    I wanted to share my miracle that came through a question Julia asked me last night on the Visionary telephone conference.
    The first question was can I not believe I can a have a child in a certain way? and Can I not commit to a second child?.

    Here is my wrestling/miracle answer right now. I can not commit to a second child because I don’t believe any way is possible for us to have a second child. I don’t believe I can have a child naturally, through adoption, or donor egg.

    I spoke with my husband about this and I realized that I am so scared to move toward adoption or donor egg because what if it fails and that thought crushes me. The crushing sad feeling that could possibly occur is so familiar to me that I am paralyzed.

    I ask my spouse this same question because he keeps saying he does not know what he what direction he wants to move in. He tells me he would really like to have a child naturally and that there is thoughts that come up for him in relation to donor egg choice and adoption.

    So I am wrestling with my miracle of how do we move past the fear(both of us) and unbelief(me)? I am working with room of fear and welcome home with regards to ovum practice.

    Also I question myself do we just wait until were ready because the way were going who knows if we will ever be ready or do we just step off the curb and fly letting our wings (v) and UM take us on a journey no matter the outcome. I know visionary rooted WE can love a child/ren no matter how they come into our lives.

    Thanking my UM for showing me a miracle last night!

    Thanks for asking such a profound question

    • T. sound like some beautiful Orphans peeked out of the orphanage in response to that question. The one that’s paralyzed and crushed when she doesn’t get the results she aims for. Time for liberation!

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