COOKING TO CONCEIVE THE INCONCEIVABLE: ONE CHEF’S JOURNEY TO FERTILE FATHERHOOD: A Memoir about Couplehood and Intimacy in the Midst of a Fertility Crisis and about Food as Medicine and an Expression of Love.

In COOKING TO CONCEIVE THE INCONCEIVABLE: ONE CHEF’S JOURNEY TO FERTILE FATHERHOOD (Adell Press, June 17, Father’s Day) Fertile Heart co-founder, CIA-trained chef, Edward Baum, offers a rare  view of infertility, from the male partner’s perspective.

This first-of-its-kind book includes accounts by four other men who endured years of fertility treatments, a foreword by Marc Goldstein, MD, DSc (hon) FACS, of Weil   Cornell Medical College, and an afterword by Baum’s partner,  co-founder and author, Julia Indichova.

Although a delayed pregnancy is still largely seen as a “woman’s problem,” in 40% of cases, infertility is traced to the male partner. In the last several years a number of studies have focused on male factor infertility and sperm-sabotaging-agents such as industrial pollutants and obesity.

In Cooking to Conceive the Inconceivable, Baum tells his side of the infertility story outlined in Julia Indichova’s book Inconceivable. After being repeatedly rejected as a candidate for IVF, Indichova turned her diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure into a lifelong commitment to helping people become parents. In the last two decades, the couple has built one of the most trusted resources for people seeking a health-affirming path to family building.

Aside from blogs, articles, podcasts, videos on nutritional, and mind-body tools, Fertile Heart offers in person workshops and ongoing live teleconferences.

The topics covered in Cooking to Conceive the Inconceivable include –

  1. Tips on resolving the tension that inevitably enters a couple’s relationship as they chase the inconceivable .
  2. Suggestions for lifestyle and nutritional changes, including recipes, that can increase both partners’ overall level of health leading to higher rates of conception and reduced rates of miscarriages.
  3. Why it’s essential to encourage men to play an active role in their baby making journey whether when their female partner is struggling with infertility;
  4. How sperm related issues can be symptoms of underlying health challenges
  5. How ICSI, a most common procedure used to treat male infertility, has been linked with congenital malformation in boys, resulting in the next generation of infertility patients


 From the Afterword by Julia Indichova:

“Whether it’s the common perception that for a man, being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, or the myth of seeing impaired reproduction as a signal of diminishing viril­ity, or any of the myriad possible reasons, I find that men tend to distance themselves from the painful responses evoked by an “infertility” diagnosis.

Even when the trouble is traced to the male partner, it’s the woman who becomes immersed in the search for solutions. And since for the most part it’s the woman who is prodded and poked, bearing the brunt of treatments, the aspiring Dad, is often left feeling powerless.”



“A much-needed book for couples of all genders, inspiring them to face a diagnosis as partners intent on being there for each other and strengthening the bonds of their relationship. It is now on the must read list for all my patients searching for guidance with a challenging life crisis.”

—Marc Goldstein, MD, DSC (Hon), FACS, Author of The Couples Guide to Infertility

 “It’s the level of honesty in examining his own heart and mind that makes Edward Baum’s Cooking to Conceive the Inconceivable such a profound, funny, refreshingly candid book. As a clinician I also applaud the inclusion of additional case histories which offer the reader a compelling view of their many treatment options.”

—Belinda Anderson, PhD, LAC, Associate Clinical Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“It’s funny that as we delve deeper into the hard science and genetics of male infertility, diet and lifestyle seem to matter more than ever. As Chef Baum dances poignantly through a life of food and cooking, mixing his personal history into every recipe, he raises to a high art the concept of good nutrition, one for the unsung treatments for male infertility.”

—Paul Turek, MD, Director, The Turek Clinics


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