Fertility Foods: Fish to Eat & Fish to Avoid when Trying to Conceive

By on December 9, 2014

Fish as a source of healthy fat is one of the most powerful fertility foods. The Cheat Sheet below features the most fertility friendly  fish to eat and the most important ones to avoid when trying to conceive.

Though there is one more fish that’s missing from the Cheat Sheet that you’ll be wise to cross off the menu when baby making is your primary concern.

Tilapia is likely the fish you’ll find on the specials menu in most American restaurants. While it’s not exactly a bag of potato chips, it’s definitely not a fertility booster. It has:

low levels of fertility friendly Omega-3 fatty acids

high levels of pro-inflammatory Omega 6 fatth acids

Not a fish you want to order after your embryo transfer or at any point during your pre-conception trimester.



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  1. Bailey930 says:

    Interesting on the anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant effects. As these are both issues I’m grappling with.

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