Ultimate Fertility Diet

After a 100 Fertility Diet books, I’m still clueless

Is soy a fertility food?

Should you become a vegan?

Should you stop eating meat or add lamb chops to your shopping list?Fertility Diet

Can a cup of decaf really hurt?

To sort through the confusion

10 Fertility Food Tips

to get you started, research and common sense to back it up,  and the Fertile Heart Ovum Program’s unique approach to food to turn food related changes into an awesome adventure.


Edward Baum, our Culinary Institute of America – trained Chef – Recipes

After 20 years of learning, cooking and eating fertility friendly foods  we use them as powerful fertility meds.

Fertile Heart™ Culinary Institute of America-trained chef Edward Baum and I, his greatest fan and partner,  are here to cheer you on as you uncover the secrets to your very own, one and only Ultimate Fertility Diet.

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