Priceless Lessons In-Fertility Guest Blogger Series Launching April 22nd-National Infertility Awareness Week

By on March 25, 2012

What better time to launch a Visionary Moms Blog Series than the 20th anniversary of that week in April of 1992, when the number on the lab report with my FSH levels was the same as my age: 42. And wouldn’t you know it, that anniversary falls smack in the middle of National Infertility Awareness Week! Life has an impeccable sense of timing, if we can just let go and trust it!

Increased awareness would serve us well. I bet our children would cheer us on if we stopped seeing ourselves as victims of a disease and became more aware of how much we ourselves can do to co-create healthy fertile bodies and lives; I bet they would squeal in delight watching us morph into Visionary Mamas on an awesome mission: a safer Earth-Home for all.

So let the wild rumpus begin!

Our very first guest blogger series Priceless Lessons In-Fertility will feature bloggers like Kumari Linley from London, UK, whose FSH levels were more than 3 times higher than mine and her AMH levels (for those of you who are troubled with that controversial marker of ovarian reserve) were 0.01. Kumari is now 4 months pregnant with her first child.

We’ll hear from Mandy Queally, a second grade teacher in Maine, who has always dreamed of becoming a mom but never imagined to end up in the emergency room just a few weeks after her first positive pregnancy test. Mandy, too, will share the priceless lessons of her pilgrimage toward motherhood.

Morgan, a young Canadian ethicist and mom-to-be will write about the controversial topic of birth control pills and about transforming her donor egg cycle into a wholesome, life-affirming adventure!

This inaugural series hopes to introduce the first in a line of future Fertile Heart Visionary Mom bloggers, who have used the Ovum tools to birth babies, families and most important, to birth themselves. After reading their stories you might never again think of yourself as infertile or punished or suffering from a debilitating disease!

Hope to see you back here on the 22nd!

May the Force of Fertility Awareness be with us!



21 Responses to “Priceless Lessons In-Fertility Guest Blogger Series Launching April 22nd-National Infertility Awareness Week”

  1. ap2010 says:

    This is wonderful and I can’t wait to read the new blog series.. There will be a link?
    Thank you for giving us hope, helping women across the world conceive.

    much love to all..

  2. Diane says:

    Thank you, Julia for Lessons in-fertility blog. I can’t wait to read the stories. I was told last year that my FSH scorce of 93 completely made it impossible for me to have a baby. I was told by the GYN doctor that I was even foolish for even thinking of the idea of having a baby. I almost began to lose hope in my dream, but now I realize that anything is possible.- Diane

  3. Lisa says:

    This could not come at a better time. I had such a wonderful experience at the workshop in March, but after then going through a 2nd failed IVF, I have really been struggling. I need some serious inspiration, and I thank you, Julia, for the push to get back on course!

  4. olga says:

    Julia, it is such wonderful idea! I am so excited and cannot wait to read the amazing stories from the Visionary Moms. Just the first one from Kumari gives me so much inspiration and faith in how much depends on what we do and what we choose to believe into despite any statistics, test results etc.


  5. michelle.denham says:

    I’m looking forward to this blog! Every inspirational success story gives me hope as I take another step in the direction of believing in myself.

  6. GG says:

    Very exciting! Looking forward the series!! Such inspiration for all of us visionary moms!

  7. paige says:

    Wow, what exciting news. I love the image of our babies squealing in delight. I look forward to being inspired by all the amazing stories from our Visionary Mamas.

  8. KLou says:

    Wonderful! Looking forward to being inspired and receiving nuggets of wisdom from those Fertile Mamas who have walked the paths to their babies! Thank you so much for your continued commitment to this practice.

  9. swati says:

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to for the Visionary Mom’s Blog series – and to hear from the guest bloggers. Really looking forward to it!

  10. Alina says:

    WHat a beautiful idea! Thanks to all the Visionary Mommas who are sharing on the blog in April. I’m truly happy for all of you. :)

  11. Sharm says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Julia what a brilliant idea and thanks to the amazing moms who are going to be posting about their stories! What an inspiring way to look at the week instead of viewing it as a crisis..
    I am so looking forward to reading your blogs it’s going to be such healing medicine for for all of us!

  12. Robin says:

    This is so wonderful, Julia. I am so grateful the visionary moms are willing to share. This is exciting!! They will have such wonderful things to say!

  13. suzanne says:

    Wow- a blog of inspiring stories from Visionary moms, what a phenomenal idea! I can’t wait for the release date, only 3 more weeks!

    Sending all love and support on their journey :)


    • Morgan says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      How are you!? I’ve been thinking of you and your little bundle! How’s life as a visionary mama? Maybe you could get my email from Julia so we could connect. Hope all is well.

      xo Morgan

      • Hi, Morgan,
        the lovely Suzanne that posted a comment is without the doubt on her way to her little bundle but
        she’s not the Suzanne from your workshop.
        And you just made me realized that Sarah and you and Suzanne are three of 8 women from the April 3rd workshop who have
        been really engaged in the teleconferences pretty consistently, starting right after the workshop and pretty much until you conceived. Maybe your babies will inspire the remaining ive moms-to-be from that session to join us. Then again some of them might be pregnant as well.
        Thank you for checking in!

    • Morgan says:

      Hi Suzanne – apologies for the confusion with the other Suzanne:). Sending you good energy and hope on the way to your babe:) Morgan

  14. sarah says:

    What a great idea. Looking forward to following the visionary mamas.

    • Hi,Sarah, Visionary Mama extraordinaire! And I look forward to reading one of your contributions?

      Sending love as you’re entering this exciting last stretch of pregnancy!!!

      Thank you for keeping in touch, can’t wait to see that baby!

  15. tracy says:

    I can’t wait for the Visionary Moms Blog! AND April 22 happens to be my birthday, so what a perfect day to launch : ) I am really looking forward to it!

  16. Hi Everybody,
    some of you had trouble posting comments, so making sure
    that’s no longer a problem.
    Beautiful circle tonight!

    • P. says:

      What a beautiful article, Julia. I cannot wait to read the new blog. As usual, you are able to bring to the fore what is really missing, in our lives as well as in the world of fertility.


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